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Largest innovation of Ningbo power grid finished

According to, the other day, the automatic innovation project of the 220kv Jiangnan Substation, the largest innovation project of the kind in Ningbo, finished. This raises the power supply reliability in Beilun District. And the power supply is more assured to the power consumers like the port of Beilun, the Raw Oil Port, Samsung Heavy Industries and Asia Paper.

The 220kv Jiangnan Substation it the first 220-KV substation in Beilun District. It is not only a supplier of power in Beilun, but also an important connector of the Zhoushan Grid and the Grid of the mainland.

With the rapid economic development, the demand of power in Beilun has been increasing every year. However, the problem of equipment aging of the Jiangnan Substation became quite serious, affecting the safety and stability of the power grid. 4 years ago, the automatic innovation of the substation started.

"The innovation project of Jiangnan Substation is the most difficult one," said a related person from a department of Ningbo Power Supply Bureau. The success of the project will contribute greatly to the stable operation of the Zhoushan Grid.

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