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Central Urban Area of Beilun More Urbanized

On August 11, designers of urban construction and experts from the Zhejiang Construction Department gathered in Beilun for a meeting on the upgrading of central urban area (CUA) f Beilun.

Based on its industrial competitiveness and the geo-advantages, Beilun has proposed to construct One-District-Three-Town-Areas, which opened the prelude to the framework of the urban construction and the improvement of the Beilun CUA.

The CUA is an area of 10 KM2 between  Lushan Road, Qiantang River Road, Hengshan Road. It will consist of four tracts: CBD, Gateway Area, Industrial Transformation Area and Tongshan Academy Area.

"We hope through the improvement of the CUA, the urban functions could be improved, so that the urban image can better cater to the requirement of a port city", said an official with the Urban Planning Bureau of Beilun. This area will be a window of Beilun's image, he said.

It is learned that the CBD area has taken shape and the greening project is being undertaken. The Gateway Area will be turned into a HOPSCA, with the creative industry as the highlight. The Industrial Transformation Area aims to redevelop the old industrial areas and transform the enterprises. The Tongshan Academy Area will be the living area and the business area of the port-based industries.

Experts say that the CUA of Beilun will be the city's saloon and that it will greatly improve the radiating effect and the services. During the coming five years, a number of key projects such as plazas and hotels will be completed. By then, Beilun will be more like a metropolis.

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