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The industry data circulation platform was launched

Ningbo fashion textile and garment with “digit” forward

On May 29, the textile and garment data circulation platform (trading center) was launched in Haishu. With the support of various data application services, Ningbo, a traditional advantageous industry, is expected to move forward with “data”.

With the accelerated integration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence is accelerating its intervention, constantly changing the design, production, sales and other aspects of textile and garment enterprises, and this traditional industry urgently needs to take a key step in digital transformation. Taking design as an example, in the past, designers relied more on their own experience and inspiration to design clothes, and relied

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Ningbo Premium Belgrade Exhibition and Trade Center unveils

On May 20th, the unveiling ceremony and the first overseas livestreaming of Ningbo Premium Belgrade Exhibition and Trade Center were officially held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The Exhibition and Trade Center is located in the largest Chinese shopping mall in the Balkan region - Serbia Eurasian Trade Center, with an area of 3000 square meters. It has a Ningbo premium offline exhibition area and a livestreaming room.

"This is the first economic and trade promotion platform we have established in Central and Eastern Europe, and also the first time we have moved our livestreaming room overseas through government enterprise cooperation." Fei Jianming, Director of the Trade Promotion Department of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, revealed that the Exhibition and Trade Center will target foreign trade enterprises in Ningbo for targeted investment, provide preferential entry conditions, and provide a more convenient and diversified business environment for Ningbo enterprises to develop in Serbia.

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Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce cooperates with ITE

On the afternoon of May 13 local time in Moscow, Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation framework agreement with ITE Exhibition Group to jointly build the platform of Ningbo (Russia) Home Furnishings Consumer Goods Expo.

Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce is an extended work platform of Ningbo Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, with over 3,300 member enterprises. It is its important service to take advantage of exhibitions for enterprises to expand overseas markets and seize orders. Since its establishment, ITE Exhibition Group has made its way in the Russian market and is now the largest and most respected B2B industry exhibition and activity organizer in Russia.

Orders serve as the lifeline of foreign trade enterprises, and exhibitions are an important way for enterprises to compete for orders. How to hold exhibitions, what kind of exhibitions to hold, and where to hold exhibitions are key factors that affect the quality of exhibitions and

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The 2024 New Year Talent Introduction Month

will be launched on February 18

On January 27, it was learned from the Ningbo Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that the city's 2024 New Year Talent Introduction Month will be launched on February 18 and will last until the end of March. The event will launch more than 200 online and offline recruitment activities, such as the Bi Fair, special job fairs for key industries, large-scale job fairs in spring, and a series of recruitment and talent introduction activities in districts (counties and cities).

    There are many recruitment opportunities and they are highly targeted. In terms of industry, the 2024 New Year Talent Introduction Month will focus on "big and strong" enterprises, single champion enterprises, specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises, digital

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