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"Ala Ningbo" goes on a journey with "Harmony".

Ningbo Delicacies "Sitting" on the High-speed Railway

'Ala Ningbo' reminds you of the station ahead, 'Suzhou North Station'." Yesterday at 12:16 pm, the "Harmony" train, which stopped briefly at Shanghai Hongqiao Station, slowly started, and the soft voice of the announcer rang out from the carriages.

As a Ningbo people, passengers Mr Wu saw this train is doubly friendly. "There is a big 'Gifted Jiangnan genuine Ningbo flavour' slogan on the car, and when you walk into the car, the luggage rack, seat headrest cloth, and seat backs are full of Ningbo's delicious elements." he said by phone. He said on the phone.

"Ala Ningbo", is the city's only agriculture-related industry cluster trademark with the name of Ningbo administrative division. In order to promote the construction of Ningbo's agricultural brand, in 2020, the city of Ningbo farmers' cooperative economic organisations federation as the main body, applied for registration of the agricultural industry collective trademark "Ala Ningbo". 2022 April, "Ala Ningbo" by the State Intellectual Property Office examination and approval. The application was approved by the State Intellectual Property Office in April 2022. Under the authorisation of the municipal government, the Municipal Agricultural Cooperative Union is responsible for the supervision and management of "Alla Ningbo", while the Municipal Supply and Marketing Association is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the trademark and its promotion.

In the evening of 4th January, the inaugural ceremony of the "Ala Ningbo" brand high-speed train was held at Shanghai Hongqiao Station. Along with the "footprint" of this train, Ningbo delicacies will be known by more passengers from all over the world.

The "Ala Ningbo" products on the "car" mainly for the "Xiangshan red beauty", Ningbo dumplings and various types of seafood.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Supply and Marketing Bureau said that expanding the national influence of "Ala Ningbo" through the high-speed railway passenger flow is a brand-new attempt to market Ningbo's agricultural products. This title activity will last for 5 months.

It is learnt that "Ala Ningbo" focuses on market demand, supports the accession of green, healthy and high-quality products, and focuses on the development of a limited number of products in order to improve the added value of agricultural products and help realise common prosperity. At present, "Ala Ningbo" has developed more than 110 agricultural products and authorised more than 40 enterprises to produce and sell the

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