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Grain production in Ningbo achieves consecutive increases

Good news came about the grain production in Ningbo: the total grain production last year was 750 million kilograms, an increase of 4.75% over the previous year. The grain yield per mu is 434.76 kilograms, an increase of 4.72%. The planting area, total yield, and unit yield of grain have all reached new highs, achieving the eighth consecutive increase year by year.

In 2023, the high-yield record of grain in the city was constantly broken. In May, the wheat high-yield demonstration area in Xinqiao Town, Xiangshan County achieved a yield of 540 kilograms per mu, breaking the 13-year record for the highest wheat yield in Ningbo. In early November, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized experts to conduct the yield testing and acceptance on the 100-mu “Yongyou 31” super hybrid rice planted at Haishu Future Farm. After weighing and impurities removing, the average yield per 100 mu was determined to be 984.16 kilograms, with a maximum yield of 1,020 kilograms per mu, breaking the 11-year high yield record of rice in Ningbo. At the end of November, according to experts organized by the Zhejiang Agriculture Committee, the average yield per mu of the

continuous cropping late rice demonstration field of the Haishu Yunkai Family Farm was 800.03 kilograms, only 1.77 kilograms short of the record for “the highest yield in Zhejiang Province”. Although it failed to break the record, experts believe that it has played a role in promoting high-yield rice demonstration.

To achieve high yield of grain, Ningbo has comprehensively utilized high-yield varieties and advanced technologies, and the production level of major grain crops has significantly improved. Last year, the average yield of late rice per mu is 540 kilograms, an increase of 5.9% compared with the previous year. Among others, the average yield of single-season late rice per mu was the second highest in history, and the average yield of continuous cropping late rice per mu was the third highest in history.

High quality varieties lead to high yields. The municipal financial departments have invested in the seed quality improvement project, promoted the gathering of talents, projects and other elements to the modern seed industry, and carried out technological breakthroughs in the “bottleneck problems” of the seed industry. Seven new grain varieties were developed, and the “Yongyou 1540” rice was included in the national list of excellent crop varieties for promotion. In terms of dry grain, researchers have successfully bred Ningbo’s first new potato variety “Yongma No.1”, which has transformed some “inefficient fields” in Haishu District, Xiangshan County and other areas into “high-yield fields”, with an annual promoted planting area of 33,000 mu.

To adjust to the market, related functional departments have actively encouraged farmers to adjust and optimize their grain planting structure, large-scale business entities to expand the cultivation of high-quality rice, and to continuously improve the market share of local high-quality rice. In 2023, the cultivation area of high-quality rice varieties in the city was 305,000 mu, accounting for 32.7% of the total.

Meanwhile, new comprehensive planting and breeding demonstration bases have been established in Yinzhou District, Yuyao County, Xiangshan County and other places, creating a complete industrial chain of comprehensive rice planting and aquaculture, to further improve land returns. Taking the “rice + red crayfish” cultivation as an example. The promotion area reaches 3,000 mu, with an average output value of over 14,000 yuan per mu for red crayfish and an average yield of 520 kilograms of rice per mu. The average income per mu for rice and shrimp cultivation totals 21,000 yuan, with an average profit of over 15,000 yuan per mu.

The promotion of the “triple harvest” potato cultivation model in Xiangshan County, Ninghai County and other areas has also achieved good results. The Shijing Family Farm Co., Ltd. in Xiangshan County has developed early-maturing greenhouse potatoes, with an average income of over 10,000 yuan per mu

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