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Ningbo to create 18 provincial-level modernized beautiful towns this year

The Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban Development was informed that according to the newly released list of the province, the city will create 18 provincial-level modernised beautiful town demonstration towns this year.

These 18 towns are Haishu District Jishigang Town, Longguan Township; Jiangbei District Cicheng Township; Zhenhai District Jiulonghu Township; Beilun District Qijiashan Street; Yinzhou District Dongqianhu Township, Jiangshan Township; Fenghua District Xikou Township, Xiaowangmiao Street; Lianglang Township, Yuyao City; Cixi City Henghe Township, Zhouxiang Township and Zonghan Street; Ninghai County Qiantong Township, Huchen Township; Xiangshan County Tingtang Township, Wall Township, and Sizhoutou Township.

Municipal Housing and Urban Renewal Bureau, said the person in charge of the beautiful town office, will be in accordance with the requirements of the province about the creation, adhere to the "people-oriented, all-age friendly, according to local conditions, classified policy,

joint creation and joint construction, common wealth and common beauty, all people participate in the construction and sharing" of the basic principles, through the implementation of the five actions and 18 key tasks to enhance infrastructure, public services, economic industry, humanistic environment, comprehensive governance modernization Through the implementation of five actions and 18 key tasks, we will enhance the modernisation of infrastructure, public services, economic industries, human environment and comprehensive governance.

Five actions include: the implementation of facilities to improve the standard action to promote infrastructure modernisation; the implementation of services to improve the quality of action to promote the modernisation of public services; the implementation of the integration of production and urban action to promote the modernisation of the economic and industrial sectors; the implementation of the style of action to promote the modernisation of the humanities environment; the implementation of the governance of the action to improve the effectiveness of the modernisation of the promotion of comprehensive governance.

The person in charge said, Ningbo will be in the construction of "five modernisation" on the basis of building "a key block", by each township (street) selected jurisdiction within the poor environmental style, stock of resources, supporting facilities for the overall transformation of the weak blocks to improve the quality, to achieve "become a system on the surface, highlights on the point".

It is worth mentioning that the creation of modern beautiful town demonstration town will also adhere to the concept of "no physical examination, no renewal, no operation, no construction, no protection, no transformation".

It is reported that, according to the requirements, 18 modernised beautiful town demonstration towns will be created by the end of this year.

At present, these towns have scheduled 176 projects, this year plans to invest 7.8 billion yuan

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