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Ningbo adds 37 new provincial-level future villages

January 10 from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was informed that the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the provincial Department of Finance, the provincial urban and rural landscape improvement and enhancement of the work of the Office of the Task Force recently issued a joint letter, published in 2023, the future of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, to create the effectiveness of the results of the evaluation of a total of 292 villages for the future of the village at the provincial level. The city has 37 villages selected, of which, excellent grade and good grade each 8, the number of the first in the province.

The villages of excellent grade are Zhenhai District Jiulonghu Town Jiulonghu Village, Xiangshan County Xianziang Town Qinglai Village, Beilun District Chunxiao Street Sanshan Village, Ninghai County Meilin Street Hehong Village, Yinzhou District Jiangshan Town Go Matang Village, Fenghua District Chunhu Street Miao Village, Cixi City, Zonghan Street Miaoshan Village, Yuyao City, Luting Township, the village of Zhongcun.

The villages that received good grades were Fubei Village, Andong Town, Qianwan New District; Hanpu Village, Cicheng Town, Jiangbei District; Xiaomen Village, Baifeng Street, Beilun District; Matqiao Village, Changhe Town, Cixi City; Shenxi Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District; Dongdan Village, Dongcheng Township, Xiangshan County; Haoyu Village, Qiangjiao Township, Ninghai County; and Xindongwu Village, Mushan Town, Yuyao City.

In recent years, the city has taken the building of future villages as an important carrier for the implementation of the rural revitalisation strategy, oriented to meet the needs of farmers, taking the construction of rural industry, style, infrastructure, public services and other scenarios as the starting point, focusing on expanding the public space, perfecting the rural functions, creating a basic unit of rural co-prosperity, and giving full play to the demonstration role of the future villages in the construction of the beautiful countryside to lead the city's countryside in the production, life, ecology, cultural and governance modernisation and upgrading. The modernisation and upgrading of production, life, ecology, culture and governance in the city's villages. So far, the city has created a total of 75 provincial future villages.

According to reports, the provincial future of the village through the completion of important indicators, digital applications, the effectiveness of the construction of the scene, characteristics and innovation, etc. implementation of a comprehensive evaluation, divided into excellent, good, qualified three grades. The city has created a successful 75 provincial future village, excellent grade 16, good grade 16, the rest are of qualified grade

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