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Ningbo Municipal Youth League Committee

goes to Jilin University to recruit talents

In recent days, the Ningbo Municipal Youth League Committee has been recruiting talents at Jilin University with full sincerity, promoting Ningbo's talent policies, high-quality industries, and inviting students to come to Ningbo.

During their stay at Jilin University, the relevant leaders of the Youth League Committees of both sides jointly unveiled the " Ningbo Students’ Liaison Station at Jilin University". Several units from Ningbo introduced the basic situation, development positioning, talent policies of Ningbo to Jilin University's young students, showcasing Ningbo’s concept and trend of loving, cherishing, and valuing talents.

At the "Ningbo and Jilin University Special Symposium”, the Ningbo Municipal Youth League Committee presented Jilin University students with a "ticket to Ningbo". This project will reimburse a train ticket (air ticket) to Ningbo for the fresh graduates of Jilin University who are originally from Ningbo and interested in coming to Ningbo for employment. At the same time, they can enjoy free accommodation and related supporting services at the Ningbo Youth Talent Station. There are also multiple youth employment positions and internship positions available, helping young talents settle down, feel at ease, and work in Ningbo.

When the talents shine, the cities will be brilliant. In recent years, Ningbo has been striving to build a friendly city for "young people", an ideal city for "dream chasers", and a desirable destination for "fighters". A series of heartwarming policies such as free subway, rental subsidies, living allowances, and housing purchase subsidies have attracted more and more young talents to settle in Ningbo

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