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Ningbo Customs' "Digital Intelligence" system assists

the sales doubling of "New Year Goods"

"3, 2, 1, the link please!" The livestreaming host instructed that 500 children's fish oil vitamin sets that had just been listed on a global shopping platform's livestreaming room were sold out in just a few seconds.

This batch of "foreign New Year goods" that have been instantly sold out are imported by Ningbo Xinyi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. The customs manager of the company, Yu Xiang, said that as the Spring Festival approaches, newly packaged and unique New Year goods have become essential items for visiting relatives and friends. Previously, cross-border imported goods did not have strong competitiveness in the Chinese New Year market due to their simple packaging. "This year, we have fully utilized the cross-border product group sales model to customize 6 popular New Year gift boxes, which is expected to boost sales."

The cross-border commodity group sales model mentioned by Yu Xiang is one of the innovative regulatory measures launched by Ningbo Customs in response to the trend of digital development and the needs of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. Ningbo Customs has developed and launched a "Cross-border Commodity Set Sales System", which supports the free combination of goods with different tax numbers, allows enterprises to declare online, supports 24-hour electronic supervision, and significantly improves customs clearance efficiency.

"This innovative measure was piloted in June 2021, initially only applicable to product combinations with the same tax number, and required written applications and manual approval, making the procedures relatively cumbersome. In recent years, the domestic consumer market has become increasingly diverse, and enterprises also need to enrich their product lines. We have made this business process paperless, allowing enterprises to complete operations without having to travel." Wu Gui, Deputy Director of Logistics Monitoring Department of Ningbo Free Trade Zone Customs, affiliated with Ningbo Customs, stated.

According to Wu Jiaojiao, in 2023, Ningbo Customs will solidly promote the construction of a smart customs, optimize and upgrade the "Cross border Commodity Set Sales System" twice, add system functions such as query and statistics and improve multiple system logic verification parameters to further meet the needs of enterprise sales management.

"It's really convenient to use this system now. We can adjust product combinations according to the real-time needs of consumers. During the livestreaming, if a consumer expresses their willingness to purchase a combination of product A and B online, we can submit a record on the spot in the background and directly put it on sale," said Huang Yong, the customs manager of Ningbo Fuli Logistics Co., Ltd.

According to statistics, since the launch of the “Cross-border Commodity Set Sales System”, 17 enterprises have opened system permissions. In 2023, the sales volume of cross-border commodity sets in Ningbo reached 2.601 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 204%

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