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Promoting Ningbo's culture in foreign countries

At the invitation of Nagaoka Municipal Government, Ningbo Artistic Troupe, of over 30 artists, recently left for Nagaoka for the 4th Ningbo Overseas Cultural Week. Yan Xiaoping, vice director of Ningbo Artistic Troupe said, "Our performances are distinct for Ningbo local favors and they will have the audiences know more about Ningbo."

In recent years, Ningbo has made great efforts to implement the strategy of having its culture "going out", and explore new ways and channels for overseas cultural exchanges. According to incomplete statistic figures, since 2004, the city has organized over 60 cultural exchange programs to over 20 countries and regions including USA, France, Britain, Japan, and China's Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. These programs are all district for Chinese flavors and Ningbo local culture, involving such fields as the Yong Opera, the Shaoxing Opera, traditional Chinese instrumental music, dance, calligraphy and fine arts.

According to the Plan of Overseas Cultural Exchanges in the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, Ningbo should organize a number of key cultural promoting program every year to explore the markets for the cultural products of Ningbo and promote the competitiveness and influence of the products. According to the plan, every year, the city should send one or two cultural troupes to the sister cities of Ningbo

Promotion of China International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition held in Ningbo

On the afternoon of November 7, a promotion of the 26th China International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition, the largest one of the kind in Asia, was held in Ningbo.

China International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition was opened in 1983 for the first time. It is the only exhibition of plastic and rubber products of China that is recognized by the UFI. It opens once every 2 years in Shanghai and Guangzhou alternatively. It will open from April 18 to 21 the next year in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The exhibition area is 20,000 square meters and it will a gathering of over 2,600 merchants from 35 countries and regions. The exhibits will include over 2,500 plastic machines and raw chemical materials, involving in such manufacturing fields as plastic products, household appliances, electronic products, auto parts, packing and lightening products. Newest plastic and rubber technologies in the industry of automobiles by 800 manufacturers will be displayed in the expo

Ningbo promoting integration of migrant workers

On November 4, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government released “Opinions on Strengthening Service and Administration of Migrant Workers”. According to the Opinions, Ningbo should promote the construction of the six system of education, public services, protection of rights, housing, public security and integration. With the Opinions, Ningbo aims to promote the harmonious development of the migrant workers with the enterprises, the industries, and the society.

The main contents of the six systems in the Opinions are: to build a vocational training system that fits for the adjustment of industrial structure, to build the public service system that has a wide coverage, to build a perfect system for the protection of the rights and interests of the migrant workers, to form a multi channel housing security system, to build an efficient public security system, and to further improve the system that promotes the integration of society.

The Opinions also sets six targets in the work of service and administration of migrant workers in the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period

The 5th China Household Appliance Fair opened in Yuyao

On the morning of November 7, the 5th Household Appliance Fair, jointly hosted by China Association of Import and Export of Electromechanical Equipment, China Household Appliance Association and Yuyao Municipal Government opened in the International Conference and Exhibition Center of China Plastics City in Yuyao.

Chen Yijun, Vice Mayor of Ningbo, announced the opening of the fair. Zhang Yujing, President of China Association of Import and Export of Electromechanical Equipment and Xu Dongsheng, Secretary-general of China Household Appliance Association attended the opening ceremony. The 3-day fair takes as its theme "Yuyao, the manufacturing base of home appliances. It has 400 exhibition stalls with the exhibition area amounting to 8,000 square meters. The number of companies to the fair reached 118.

Reportedly, with the development in the past 30 years, the home appliances industry has become a largest and most promising industry of Yuyao with distinctive features of the city. So far, Yuyao has over 3,000 enterprises engaged in the industry and related industries, with the annual output exceeding 40 billion yuan. Yuyao has become a quite competitive and influential manufacturing base of home appliances in China

Ningbo has obtained more patents than last year

According to Ningbo Bureau of Science and Technology, In the first three quarters this year, Ningbo has obtained 27,480 patents, 40.0% more than the same period of the previous year. Of the patents, the patented rights of invention amount to 1,218, increased by 47.3% above the same period of the previous year, the fastest growth rate of all patents obtained.

Statistics show that in the first three quarters this year, Ningbo applied for 36,037 patents, increased by 99.6%% above the same period of the previous year. It has been granted 27,480 patents, including 1,218 patents for invention, 9, 845 patent rights for utility model, and 16,417 design patents, increased by 47.3%%, 22.0% and 53.0% respectively against the same period of the previous year. In the first three quarters this year, the patents Ningbo has obtained outnumbers the whole of the last year. The invention rights covers 4.43% of the total.

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