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Human resources service program welcomed by enterprises

Recently, a supply-demand matching meeting for human resources service program was held in the bonded zone of Ningbo, and eight agreements for services program were signed and another 78 programs reached the intention of signing agreement.

In the meeting, human resources service agencies from other places brought with them some new service programs absent from the local agencies, which aroused great interest of the local enterprises. Shanghai Blue and White Law Office, for example, promised to offer personnel risk prevention and control program, which aims to dispel the possibility of damages to the enterprises by employees by means of eliminating the enterprises' deficiency in business management and business system from the legal point of view. Altogether over 20 enterprises reached the intention of signing agreements with the Law Office. The Chinese professional credit public management platform introduced by Golden Future Information Technology Company from Shenzhen makes it possible for member enterprises to record their employees' credits on the platform and consult the credit of their potential employees. This new program attracted great attention from a number of enterprises present in the meeting.

Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing founded

On December 9, the founding ceremony of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing was held, thus over 20,000 industrial and commercial personnel of Ningbo origin began to have a new "home". Gong Yunding, president of Chongqing Xinjing Small Loan Company, was elected chairman.

It is with the care and support from both governments of Chongqing and Ningbo that the establishment of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing is approved.

With an increasing number of Ningbo enterprises going out, the team of "Ningbo Bang" is ever growing, and Ningbo Chamber of Commerce has been founded in many big cities in China. This year has witnessed the establishment of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Zhongshan, Hangzhou, Nanchang and Lanzhou

Yinzhou exempted 40 mln yuan of administrative charges for small businesses

The Ministry of Finance and State Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a notice recently that 22 administrative charges on small businesses will be exempted from Jan 1, 2012 to Dec 31, 2014. Starting from yesterday, five of the 22 charges won’t be charged in Yinzhou and 16 have been exempted since July, 2008.
Since July 1st, 2008, Yinzhou has taken the lead in exempting 166 administrative charges through “exemption, financial subsidy and tax rebates”, which have saved 39.93 million Yuan for the small enterprises in the past 11 months.
Yinzhou has never levied five items of the 22 administrative charges. And since July 1st,2008 Yinzhou has exempted all the administrative charges besides the one charged by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade for certificates of goods origin, which will also be exempted from Jan 1st, 2012 on.

Cross-Bank Deposit Business for Foreign Currency Initiated in Ningbo

Recently, since Ningbo Payment and Clearing System opened the cross-bank deposit business for foreign currency, so far 30 banks or so have offered the US dollar business. It's learned that BOC Ningbo Branch is the first in China to offer such service for the payment and clearing system construction.

Cross-bank business for foreign currency, also known as personal foreign currency cross-bank transference, enables individuals in possess of an account at a certain bank to transfer their foreign currency at another correspondent bank (also accepting bank), in line with the stipulations of national foreign currency management. A service charge of 20 Yuan will be charged by the accepting bank for each transaction.

This business saves customers such problems as complex processing, slow transference, high service charges, etc., and avoids exchange loss in transference of foreign currency. With its opening, Ningbo Payment and Clearing System becomes more complete, as Ningbo residents are able to make instantaneous payment whatever the currency type and business type is

Phase II Project of Ningbo Software Park to Be Inaugurated soon

It was learned on Dec. 4 that the Phase II Project of Ningbo Software Industrial Park has been well under preparation and the construction is to be started by the end of this year.
Ningbo Software Industrial Park, located in the core area of Ningbo National Hi-tech Development Zone, was officially put into operation in October 2007. The floor area of the Phase I Project is 34,000 square meters. At present, the Park has introduced several service agencies such as Ningbo Software Service Guide, Software Testing Center, Information Safety Testing Center and gathered many influential software and information technology service outsourcing enterprises at home and abroad, among which Kingdee Software has become the largest supplier and service provider of business management software in Ningbo and Zhoushan. It will be the home of over 300 enterprises by the end of 2011. The Phase II Project will further improve the overall function of software and service outsourcing park and better cater to needs of the settled businesses.

According to Executive Opinion on Accelerating Software and Service Outsourcing Development (Provisional) issued by the Management Committee of Ningbo National High-tech Development Zone, from 2010, a special fund of 10 million CNY will be invested in software industry on a yearly basis for three years in a row. The revenue of software service outsourcing industry in Ningbo National High-tech Development Zone is expected to reach 10 billion CNY by the end of 2015.

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