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Energy consumption per 10,000 CNY of GDP to be cut by 18.5%

The Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission said on Dec.26 that the 12th Five-Year Special Plan on Energy Conservation in Ningbo has been issued. It stipulates that by the end of the 12th five-year period the energy consumption per 10000 CNY of GDP will be further reduced by 8.5% as against 2010, equal to the energy of 5 million tons of standard coal.
The plan proposes that by 2015 per unit consumption of main industrial products in Ningbo shall reach the Chinese advanced level or the international advanced level at the beginning of this century. The energy efficiency of new energy consumption equipment should reach the international advanced level. The city shall build and better energy conservation laws, regulations, standard system, policy guarantee mechanisms and technology service systems to form an energy conservation system featured in being government-driven, enterprise-led and wide participation.
During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, guided by the goals of building a resource conservation and environment-friendly society, the city government will aim to fulfill the following four tasks: speed up restructuring and accelerate transformation; strengthen source control and the oversight of energy conservation; eliminate outdated mode of energy production and consumption; increase the investment of R&D and promote the application of technology. The energy conservation activities will be promoted in industry, construction, transportation, public institution and other fields

Achievements Ningbo government has made this year

In the first year of the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, Ningbo has made achievements in all aspects that concern the livelihood of the people like employment, social security, medical care, education, culture, food and drug and social management. At the press conference by Ningbo Municipal Government held on the 20th this month, Ren Jiancheng, Deputy Director of Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission, announced that this year the city has enhanced the livelihood of the people, improved the public services, and optimized the mechanism.

Today, Ningbo has 8 full-employment counties (cities and districts). The city has increased 142,000 jobs, 56,000 urban unemployed residents have got reemployed, the registered unemployment rate in cities is bellow 3.33%, and the number of “zero-employed families” remains zero. By September this year, the city has increased 74,000 businesses.

The city has accelerated the municipal-level integrated social insurance, timely increased the social security standard, and further widened the insurance coverage.

This year, Ningbo released the Middle and Long Term Plan for the Development of Education. It has take active measures to solve the problems of pre-school education. It has extended the schooling aiding program to students from pre-schooling to postgraduate programs. It has popularized the free of charge physic examination among all students including the children of migrant workers.

In the implement of the food safety strategy, the city has improved the mechanism of information transparency for food safety, timely releasing information concerning food safety. It has taken special actions to crack down the production of bogus medicines and standardized the medicine market order

Foreign trade in Ningbo this year

Despite the declining foreign demand caused by the debt crises of the western countries, the foreign trade of Ningbo is still on a considerable rise. Statistics of Ningbo Customs show that in the first 11 months this year, the import and export trade has totaled about 90 billion US dollars, a new high in the history. The amount of export made in the 11 months is more than that of Beijing, ranking the fifth position in the country.

The statistics of the customs show that in the first 11 months, the import and export value 89.76 billion US dollars, up by 19.5%. Of the total, the import is 34.24 billion US dollars, and the export 55.52 billion, up by 23% and 17.4% respectively. In November alone, the import and export trade has totaled 8.57 billion US dollars, increased by 10.6%. Of the total, the import is 3.34 billion US dollars, and the export 5.23 billion, up by 13.9% and 8.6% respectively.

This year, due to the weak economic recovery of the EU and the US, the foreign demand in China is declining, which affects the export business of Ningbo. The statistics of the customs show that in the first 11 months this year, the exports Ningbo has made to the US value 9.81 billion US dollars, and the exports to the EU 15.72 billion US dollars, increased by 15.4% and 10.6% respectively, lower than the average growth rate of the city. In this situation, Ningbo has made greater efforts to expand the markets in the bric countries. In the first 11 months this year, the amount of exports Ningbo has made to Russia reaches 1.51 billion dollars, increased by 44.4%; the total value of export to Brazil reaches 1.35 billion US dollars, increased by 26.5%; the total value of export to India reaches 1.28 billion US dollars, increased by 31.2%. All are above the average growth rate of export of the city

Ningbo wins the title of National Wenming City for a third time

At the commending meeting of national spiritual civilization held in Beijing on the morning of December 20, Ningbo once again won the title of a National Wenming City, as one of the six cities that have won the title for successively three times.

Liu Qi, Mayor of Ningbo Municipality, said, as early in 2001, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government set the target to win the honor for a third time. Since then, the city has followed the principles of “for the people, by the people and benefitting the people” in the building of the Wenming City. The city has associated the program with all aspects of the development of the city, such as politics, economy, culture, social development, urban construction and management. Liu Qi said, the success in winning the title of National Wenming City for a third time indicates that Ningbo has made great achievements in the work and that the central government has affirmed the achievements Ningbo has made in the economic and social development. This is also an urge for the future development of Ningbo.

It is known that the National Wenming City is the greatest honor that the central government grants to a city. This title is not permanent. A city so entitled must take the annual examination by the central government and the re-examination once every three years. On October 26 in 2005 Ningbo gained the honor as one of the first group of National Wenming Cities. On January 20 in 2009 Ningbo passed the re-examination and won the title for a second time. This year, Ningbo passed the re-examination and successfully won the championship for the third time

Export & Credit insurance in Ningbo after China's entry into WTO

According to Ningbo Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE), in the 10 years after China's entry into the WTO, the export credit insurance business grew by over 150 times. This has guaranteed the export of over 1,500 enterprises of Ningbo and contributed to the stable and rapid development of foreign trade of the city.

China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation is a result of China's entry into WTO. On December 18, 2001, 7 days after China's entry into WTO, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, China's only financial institution engaged in the business of export and credit insurance was founded. This is an important step Chinese government took in following the rules of the WTO and international practice to give policy support to foreign economy and trade.

In the past ten years, with the policy for export credit insurance, the export credit insurance has been welcomed by enterprises. The scale of the business has grown by over 150 times. Statistics show that from January to November 2011, the insurance that Ningbo Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation gave for exports is over 9 billion US dollars, and it is estimated to be over 9.5 US dollars for the whole year. This figure is 158 times that of the first year when the SINOSURE was founded.

According to statistics, from 2002 to November 2011, the insurance that Ningbo Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation has given for exports has added up to 25.76 billion US dollars, increased by 83% annually. 10 years ago, the coverage of exports of Ningbo by the policy of credit and insurance was 0.75% and in the first 10 months this year, the exports supported by the credit and insurance value 8.33 billion US dollars, the coverage amounting to 16.6%, basically up to the international level. By November 2011, 1,500 enterprises of Ningbo join the insurance coverage.

In the meanwhile, insurance financing is much favored by enterprises. In the past ten years, the growing insurance financing has effectively relaxed the financing pressure of foreign trade enterprises, especially the middle and small enterprises in the present credit tightening situation. From January to November 2011, 266 enterprises got loans of over 4 billion yuan by credit insurance. In the 10 years, the loans by this means total over 16 billion yuan

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