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Huifenghechang Cultural Industrial Park began construction

On the morning of December 17, Huifenghechang Cultural Industrial Park, a key project of the "1235" cultural program for the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, began construction.

Huifenghechang Cultural Industrial Park is in Ningbo High-tech Industrial Park. The park has its investment totaling 770 million yuan, by Ningbo Minhe Media Co., Ltd. It covers an area of 35,000 sq m, with a floorage of over 130,000 sq meters. It is expected to be a national demonstrative cultural park and it is expected to put into operation in 2014.

Number of entry and exit passengers of Ningbo airport exceeding 500,000

Since the beginning of this year, there has been an increase in the number of flights in Ningbo Lishe International Airport, as well as that of the entry and exit passengers. According to statistics, up to December 10, Ningbo airport had quarantined 3846 entry or exit flights and 500,627 passengers, up by 42.1% and 23.2% respectively. In particular, the number of entry and exit passengers has exceeded 500,000, reaching a historical high. This is the first time for the annual number to be bigger than 500,000 since the airport opened its international and regional flights. From this year on, the airport has opened direct flights to Angkor, Bangkok, Jeju Island and Singapore, while more flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao have also been conducted. Up until now, there have been 13 flights to six countries or regions, with 94 flights arriving and departing per week. The opening of the new flights and the increase in the flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao enable citizens to have diversified choices when considering traveling abroad and this in turn promotes the increase of the number of entry and exit passengers.

Certificates of Origin help exempt 10 million USD

According to the inspection and quarantine department of Cixi, during the first 11 months 120 companies have obtained the certificates of the origin, which bring about an exemption of 10 million USD for Cixi exporting businesses

Intermediaries facilitating the high-level talents reserve plan

Since the startup of the implementation of the reserve plan for high-level talents in March this year, over 3800 high-level talents have entered the database of the reserve plan, and 1200 of them were introduced through cooperation with talent intermediaries.

At the end of March this year, Ningbo started the reserve plan for high-level talents. It aims to reserve about 10000 high-level talents home and abroad in the following three years. Ningbo Talents Service Center, as the specific institute to implement the plan, attempts to attract by way of online platform, outside recruitment and overseas introduction those talents who are intent on seeking jobs and working in Ningbo. By actively broadening its channels and managing to establish a kind of partnership with well-known intermediaries nationwide, Ningbo Talents Service Center has up to now conducted cooperation with 9 talent intermediaries, which supply the reserve plan with about 1200 CVs and in fact have introduced about 40 high-level talents from elsewhere

Southern coastal ecological and economic zone to be built in Ningbo

The "three-year action plan" of coastal economic zone in Fenghua was published on December 11. According to the plan, in the following three years, 9.2 billion yuan will be invested to build the southern coastal ecological and economic zone in Ningbo.

The eastern area of Fenghua consists of 61 kilometers of coastline and 96 square kilometers of marine space. "With the marine economy rising to be the national strategy, this golden area has become an important functional zone for building 'marine Ningbo', and it is also the potential spot and focus of future development." said Zhang Wenjie, Secretary of Party Committee of Fenghua.

Based on the existing industrial functions and regional features, Fenghua established the three complementary blocks of coastal functions (new coastal zone, the Sunny Bay and Little Lion Mouth) as the overall propulsion engine for the coastal comprehensive ecological and economic zone. Chunhu County, with its Sunny Bay project with an investment of 20 billion yuan and the new coastal zone with a total area of 16,000 acres, focuses on the building of a coastal city, the urban industrial load bearing area for Ningbo and marine economy central area for Fenghua. Songdai County, taking Zhejiang Shipping Company (with an annual output of 5 billion yuan) as its core, is building a global base for deep-sea equipment producing. Qiucun County attaches great importance to the building of coastal ecological habitat resort and coastal tourist resort.

In accordance with the requirements for infrastructure construction, Fenghua is focusing on the building of the coastal centre line, Feng-Chun Expressway and its connecting line, and Caohuang high way and connecting project of Yinzhou and Hengxi, to improve the traffic in the area. With the completion of building of the 4300-acre new coastal zone, the water network, road network and electricity network are also in the process of perfection.

Now, the eastern area of Fenghua has become a dream place for enterprises home and abroad. In the new coastal zone, 37 projects have been signed with a total investment of 6.932 billion yuan. There are another over 30 reserve projects. Zhejiang Shipping Company has attracted a dozen of related supporting enterprises to come to settle down in the area. With a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan, the Sunny Bay project is well under way

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