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Mayor Liu Qi on visit to Japan, Canada and Cuba

With approval from the State Council, Mayor Liu Qi set out to visit Japan, Candada and Cuba the other day, on invitation of The Association for the Promotion of International Trade, Japan, Canadian MAG company, and Cuban Embassy in China.
In Japan, Liu Qi would attend the serial activities of the Japan Ningbo Week, visit famous transnationals and negotiate on industrial cooperation projects. He would also try to promote the cooperation with the advanced manufacturing industries of Japan and seize the opportunity of Japan’s industrial transformation to undertake some industrial transfer and to promote the economic development of Ningbo.
In Canada, he would talk with Sino-Canada Trade Council, learn about the investment projects of Ningbo in Canada and seek more opportunities for Ningbo companies to make investments there. He expected to undertake some cooperation in mining and energy fields.
In Cuba, he would meet the trading ministry and learn about the market needs, in a hope of seizing some cooperation opportunities. He would also visit the Chinese embassy in Cuba and learn about the economic cooperation of Ningbo with Cuba. 
Vice mayor Wang Renzhou was also with the delegation to the three countries

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