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Tang Yijun visited Hefeng Creative Square

On his visit to Hefeng Creative Square on the afternoon of November 14, Tang Yijun, chairman of Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, emphasized that we should adhere to the principle of great leap-forward construction, new concept management and high-end development, forging it into a leader of creative industries both at home and abroad.
On the afternoon, Tang Yijun arrived at the core area of Three-River Mouth (or Sanjiangkou) to survey Hefeng Creative Square. He successively visited the Exhibition of Ningbo Industrial History, Ningbo Dongfang Ship Designing Institution Co., Ltd, Ningbo Artop Industrial Design Co., Ltd, Fiocco Fashion Design Academy, Ningbo Style Automobile Technology Co., Ltd and Hefeng Design Exposition Trading Center. He had a cordial talk with heads of related companies and knew their developing situations. Then Tang also debriefed the report given by Ningbo Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd about the construction and operation of Hefeng Creative Square.
Tang gave a full affirmation on its construction of high quality, high efficiency and high level. He also said from then on, as to the construction and management of the park, we should be far-sighted, home-based and global-visioned, and bring in creative enterprises matching to the park and work hard to become domestic first-class and international well-known park.
To build a creative park of unique quality and famous brand, we should establish new concept, innovate new management and operation mechanism in the spirit of delicacy management, individuation management and characterization management. Besides, we should take high quality and standard as the priority consideration and make it a high-end center through high grade enterprises, high level products, high standard management and high quality employees.
Finally, Tang said “in the past, members of Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference always concerned the construction of Hefeng Creative Square which received lots of views and suggestions from the members. In future, we will still perform functions and give full play our advantage to make new contribution to the development of Hefeng Creative Square.”
It is learned that Hefeng Creative Square which was officially opened on October 20 covers an area of 85,400 square meters with a floorage of about 340,000 square meters and its investment totals 3 billion yuan. So far, some 63 famous designing institutions from home and abroad have signed contracts and its signing rate reaches 57.2%. The main park occupies 131,500 square meters. By 2013, it is estimated that the number of enterprises settled will increase to 100 and the annual output of the enterprises will be over 2 billion yuan.
Wang Biheng, secretary-general of Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, and others also accompanied the survey

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