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Yinzhou Business Projects Fair opens

To encourage the students, people from the countryside, farmers whose land is requisitioned and the unemployed people to establish their businesses, on the morning of November 5, Yinzhou Business Projects Fair, organized by Yinzhou Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Youth League of Yinzhou, opened in Yinzhou District Human Resource Market. Compared with the last year, the fair this year has more visitors and more projects.

On the fair, over 70 projects are proposed, and they range from retail sales, restaurants, gifts, toys to housing, all featured for “small investment, easy operation and fast return”. Many visitors are very impressed by the wide range of choices of the projects proposed. On the fair, over 1740 people reached intent agreements and 261 people showed their interest in the projects

2 billion company bonds approved for Ningbo Port Co. Ltd.

On October 31, the issuance examination committee of the CSRC verified and approved the application by Ningbo Port Co. Ltd. to issue publicly the company bonds valued 2 billion yuan, according to the notice released by Ningbo Port Co. Ltd. on November 2.

On September 14 last year, the corporation passed the IPO examination and the net amount of fund raised was 7.213 billion RMB yuan. By June 30, 2011, 6.892 billion yuan of the raised fund had been used and still another 321 million yuan had remained unused.

One billion yuan is set aside as venture investment fund

It is learnt from some related departments that a venture investment fund of one billion yuan will be set up in Ningbo. It is hoped that its leverage effect may attract more social funds to be invested in the venture investment field, thus promoting the accumulation of venture capitals, projects, technologies and talents home and abroad.

According to the newly released regulation for the venture investment fund (trial), the not-for-profit fund is set up by the municipal government. By exerting its leverage effect and guiding function, the fund aims to support the establishment and development of the commercial venture investment enterprises and further improve the system of venture investment in Ningbo.

The fund stands at one billion yuan, and the startup capital is 250 million yuan. The source of the fund includes the following: the special financial fund to support the development of venture investment enterprises, all the profits from the operation of the fund, donations from individuals, enterprises and social organizations, and other funds from the municipal government.

It is learnt that this fund is used mainly to support the venture investment enterprises and newly established enterprises, as well as some other enterprises chosen by the municipal government, for example, those distinctive venture investment enterprises with outstanding investment performance at home and abroad, strong fund-raising capability, mature management regulations, ample network resources and good credit.

As for venture investment enterprises, the criteria are that they should have standard management and a paid-in capital of over 60 million yuan (with all the investors investing in the monetary form), that they should have at least three successful investment cases of investing in small or medium-sized high-tech enterprises, with a total investment value of over 30 million yuan, and that they possess at least three full-time senior managers with over five years' relevant working experience in venture investment or related fields.

As for the newly established enterprises, firstly they should be enrolled within the administrative regions of Ningbo and mainly engage in the research, development, production and services for high-tech products. Then they should be non-listed companies established in the last five years with a staff population of less than 300 people (over 30% of them are technicians with at least associated degree, and over 10% directly engaging in the researching and developing of new technologies). Finally, the annual sales volume should be lower than 30 million yuan or the net assets lower than 20 million yuan, and the funding used in the researching and developing of high technologies should take up over 5% of the sales volume.

For those qualified enterprises and projects, the fund will make investment in forms of stage share-holding and follow-up investment, etc. The principle is that it will hold shares without controlling the stock so as to guarantee the independence of decision-making and management and commercial operation of the venture investment enterprises and start-up enterprises

Eastland Digital Limited selected as model enterprise in modern service industry

Recently, China Ministry of Science and Technology has released the list for the first batch of model enterprises for national modern service industry, and Eastland Digital Limited is the only one software enterprises in Ningbo to be included in the list. It is reported that the list covers 49 enterprises, and the other two enterprises in Zhejiang to be included are Corporation and Corporation.

The selecting of model enterprises for modern service innovation and development is conducted by China Ministry of Science and Technology. Eastland Digital Limited is a high-tech corporation specializing in city informalization service outsourcing, and it is one of the key state-planning software enterprises. Since its settling down in Yinzhou District, with the guidance of national policies, the corporation has engaged in continuous innovations and has seen the multiplying increase of its turnover in the past few years

Songlanshan Beach Resort and China Fishing Festival listed as provincial brands of strength

Recently, the first report on competitiveness of travel brands was released in Zhejiang Province. In competing with hundreds of other travel institutes and festivals, Songlanshan Beach Resort and China Fishing Festival are listed in the brands of "most energetic scenic spots" and brands of "festivals with greatest potential" respectively. The report is jointly proposed by Zhejiang Tourism Association and Zhejiang Mainstream Media Alliance for travel in China.

As a national AAAA scenic spot located in the east of China, Songlanshan Beach Resort is a comprehensive beach resort integrating leisure, entertainment, holiday and conference. In the first nine months this year, it greeted about 1.3688 million tourists, up 14% over the same period last year. At present, there are some projects still under construction in the resort, such as Golden Palm Holiday Inn, Heart Sea Resort Hotel and Sunny Resort Hotel. The resort aims to build the biggest resort for conference tourism and leisure vacation hotel cluster in the Yangtze River Delta area.

China Fishing Festival has become the symbol for the tourism in Xiangshan County. In terms of the number of tourists, the annual Festival has actually becomes another tourist "golden week". During this year's Festival, Xiangshan County greeted 366 thousand tourists from inside and outside the county with a total tourist volume of 325 million yuan, up 61 % and 35% respectively over the same period last year.

It is said that the list is strictly made after authoritative research and careful assessment on those scenic sports, festivals and travel agencies, and at last 44 of them are chosen as the leading brands in the field of tourism in Zhejiang Province.

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