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Grain production in Ningbo achieves consecutive increases

Good news came about the grain production in Ningbo: the total grain production last year was 750 million kilograms, an increase of 4.75% over the previous year. The grain yield per mu is 434.76 kilograms, an increase of 4.72%. The planting area, total yield, and unit yield of grain have all reached new highs, achieving the eighth consecutive increase year by year.

In 2023, the high-yield record of grain in the city was constantly broken. In May, the wheat high-yield demonstration area in Xinqiao Town, Xiangshan County achieved a yield of 540 kilograms per mu, breaking the 13-year record for the highest wheat yield in Ningbo. In early November, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized experts to conduct the yield testing and acceptance on the 100-mu “Yongyou 31” super hybrid rice planted at Haishu Future Farm. After weighing and impurities removing, the average yield per 100 mu was determined to be 984.16 kilograms, with a maximum yield of 1,020 kilograms per mu, breaking the 11-year high yield record of rice in Ningbo. At the end of November, according to experts organized by the Zhejiang Agriculture Committee, the average yield per mu of the

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Ningbo selected as a “city with greatest happiness index for entrepreneurs”

The happiness index of entrepreneurs is a special index of the economic development of a city.

On September 19, the 2023 Entrepreneurs’ Happiness Index Dialogue, hosted by the “Oriental Outlook” of Xinhua News Agency, was held in Taicang County of Suzhou. The first list for cities (and districts) with the strongest sense of happiness among entrepreneurs was released on-site. Ningbo was listed as one of the “cities with the strongest sense of happiness for entrepreneurs”, and Yuyao County was listed as one of the “districts with the strongest sense of happiness for entrepreneurs.

At the forum, city management staff, entrepreneurs, and experts and scholars from all over the country conducted in-depth discussions on promoting the manufacturing and high-quality development, and optimizing the business environment.

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In the first 8 months, the total import and export volume of Ningbo

 to the "Belt and Road" countries exceeded 370 billion yuan

According to Ningbo Customs statistics, from January to August this year, Ningbo's total imports and exports to the "Belt and Road" countries were 372.25 billion yuan, an increase of 5.1% over the same period last year, accounting for 44.2% of Ningbo's total imports and exports in the same period.

    More and more foreign trade enterprises are optimistic about the "Belt and Road" to jointly build a national market, organize groups to "go to sea", and seek a larger stage. "By understanding the local market needs in a targeted manner, we are gradually expanding our exports. At present, Poland, Yemen, Morocco and other countries have become important markets for the export of the company's photovoltaic products. Gao Chaoer, head of customs affairs of Ningbo Eureka Solar Energy Co., Ltd., said.

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Strategic emerging industries grow rapidly in Ningbo

The AioT enterprise intelligent IOT robot project has cooperated with Yuyao County and Shouyi Fengguang new energy technology project has settled down in Zhenhai District. Recently, the “Investment in Ningbo” docking meeting for central enterprises and famous enterprises was held in Beijing, leading to 17 investment and cooperation intention projects, with a total investment of 16 billion yuan (including a foreign investment of $1.06 billion), involving such fields as new energy, new materials, marine equipment, information technology, robotics, biomedicine and smart transportation, with the focus on the development of strategic emerging industries.

The strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are key areas for cultivating new driving forces for development and gaining new competitive advantages in the future, with enormous development potential. The Ningbo Municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to the cultivation and growth of strategic emerging industries. In recent years, Ningbo has focused on building a modern industrial system, accelerating the construction of a “361” trillion level industrial clusters, and achieving rapid development of strategic emerging industries.

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