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Economy and Management Students of Wanli University Eager to Start up Businesses

A college student generating an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan became the focus of attention at the 3rd university startup show in Wanli University two days ago. Being a senior of the Convention-Exhibition Economy and Administration Department of the university, the venture star Li Guanwen has won fame for his free-hand sketching POP training agency .
The POP training agency was founded in 2013 when Li Guanwen was a sophomore. Its primary business is training individuals and enterprises on free-hand sketching POP face to face. Shortly after the establishment, the institute has become the long-term adviser of Ren-He pharmaceutical company free-hand sketching POP. Since 2014 online teaching has been introduced and applied. Such an entrepreneurship program won the first prize in the 7th Higher Institution IT Innovation& Practice Competition recently. 
 “The main objective for 2015 is to produce an exclusive APP for free-hand POP. We’ll build kindred students societies in 100 colleges and set up teaching classes in 50 cities,” said Guan cheerfully.
It is learned that many graduates in this major have made their own way. Ye Rongrong, a 2015 graduate, has already established her own exhibition company before graduation. Her company has carried out several cooperation projects with Ningbo Huabo Exhibition Co. Ltd, including Fashion Festival, Home Expo, etc. Fang Leilei who studied with the University of Udine (Italy) after graduation now runs an international trading firm specialized in imported food, with an annual turnover of over ten million yuan.
According to the students interviewed, the specialty Convention-Exhibition Economy and Administration is dubbed the Huangpu Military Academy developing student bosses. 2013 graduates of this major have an entrepreneurship rate of 13.7%, ranking first among all majors. The entrepreneurship rate of the major’s 2016 graduates has reached 11.28% by the end of August this year, which means one in every ten graduates is a business owner.
Apart from entrepreneurship, the major also has maintained full employment for 3 years. According to the 2015 Evaluation of Chinese Universities issued by the most influential Erison Alumni Association in China, the Convention-Exhibition Economy and Administration of Zhejiang Wanli University is ranked the highest and named the sole four-star major among 91 counterpart universities with this major in China.

Cross-border E-commerce Job Fair held at college

The employment service month recruitment activity as well as the 2016 job fair for graduates, hosted by Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, was held in Ningbo University of Technology on November 28. At the fair, 5214 posts provided by 462 enterprises received 14,380 applications on the very day. 
"It was expected that about 420 enterprises would come to the fair, but actually 462 made it." said Liu Ailiu, Director of the Student Employment and Venture Center of the university. 
Besides such prominent local enterprises as Yinyi Property, Deli, Aux and Peacebird, some internet enterprises set up their stands at the fair, including the, and "The cross-border E-commerce internet enterprises have a great demand for the graduates majoring in foreign languages and foreign trade. With about 70 such enterprises, the talent demand has increased dramatically." said Liu Ailiu.
According to a Ms. Zhang from the human resources department of a foreign trade company, they had a large need for talents with the development to the cross-border E-commerce business in recent years. "We need talents of such majors as English, E-business and international trade, who have great abilities in written and spoken English. Besides the interviews, they have to pass out English tests."
Besides the special professional abilities, diligence has become an important factor for the recruitment. A recruitment poster of an import & export company wrote, "female, good at housework". How come the housework skill becomes so important? Ms. Luo from the company said, "As we know, many college students depend heavily on their parents in doing their own household chores. We have such a requirement because we think it is important for the graduates to have the ability to live independently and work independently."

Ningbo Association of Industry & Commerce signs cooperative agreement with Ningbo University

The agreement signing ceremony for cooperation between Ningbo Association of Industry & Commerce and Ningbo University was held at Ningbo University on October 21, as well as the first report meeting of the lecturer team for private enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship. This is an active measure to explore the close cooperation between business and college, and to promote the city's atmosphere for venture and innovation.

According to cooperative agreement, Ningbo University and the association will carry out a series of activities with the theme of professors entering enterprises or private entrepreneurs entering university. Meanwhile, the two parties will carry out information and achievement exchange and conduct joint survey and research to promote talent cultivation and the venture and innovation work of the city. 

Ningbo Reading Week starts

The "Books in Ningbo: 2015 Ningbo Reading Week" activity was launched at the Culture Square on October 31, co-sponsored by Ningbo Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Press and Publication Bureau, Ningbo Education Bureau, Ningbo Women's Federation, Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Broadcasting and TV Group, and co-hosted by Ningbo Library, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore and the branches of the Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Press and Publication Bureau at the county and district level. 
At the opening ceremony, the results of the "top ten reading promoters" and the "most beautiful reading spaces" were released, the classics reading activity was launched, and the awards for the "top ten reading families" were presented. Fan Xi'an, Deputy General Manager of China Publishing and Media Co. Ltd. and writer Wang Qianma donated the book "Ningbobang" to all the public libraries in Ningbo and Ningbobang Museum. 
After one year's preparation, the Ningbo TV Library was officially open to the citizens on October 31. Based on the existing resources of the libraries in Ningbo and the TV communication network, it will build a high-definition video transmission platform for Ningbo citizens. So far, the TV Library has launched three columns, including Tianyi Lecture Hall, Tianyi Music and Readers' Space. 
As one of the core activities of the reading week, the 2015 Ningbo Book Exhibition was held at the Culture Square, with over 30,000 types of books from 118 publication agencies, attracting over 100 special guests, writers, scholars and cultural celebrities. 
There were also some other activities on the day, including the theme lecture "Internet + Modern Reading" by Fan Xi'an, the "Ancient Chinese Etiquettes in Chinese Idioms" by Wang Liqun (a famous lecturer from the CCTV Lecture Room at the "Tianyi Lecture Hall", the "book collection" forum, the comic book exhibition featuring award-winning works from such famous comic book masters as He Youzhi, and the book donation activities for the Jiabang Area of Guizhou Province.

Entrepreneurship and innovation contest held

The 5th "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Skill Contest" in Jiangbei District was held on October 18, which attracted a large group of young candidates.
141 candidates participated in the contest held in Ningbo Technical College in CNC lathe work, benchwork, car repair, nursery and cooking. According to a person in charge from the local human resources and social security department, over 60 of the candidates were born after 1995, and most of the others are also young workers. Despite their young age, they are all skillful in their own fields. As is reported, the winners of the top three in each filed will be honored as "chief workers" and "technical experts". 

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