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Art show put on

An art show of teachers and students was put on at the Museum of Art of Ningbo on September 13. Some 600 pieces of artworks created by teachers and students of Ningbo were on display. 

High-Technology Achievement Trade Fair to be Held this Weekend

It is learned that the 2011 high-tech- achievement trade fair sponsored by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau will be held at Hall No.4 of Ningbo international conference and exhibition center from September 17-19th. There will be more than 160 experts of China and foreign countries and 2000 visitors attending from Ningbo and other cities. The fair highlights oceanic advanced technology and industrial upgrading.
Five zones will be established at the fair, focusing on five themes respectively, which are: marine economy, international and domestic technological achievements, public technology service platform and corporate high tech achievements. 582 sci-tech achievements will be exhibited on site and more than 3000 ones will be shown on the Internet. 94 exhibitors will present nearly 1000 smart technologies and application products.
It is learned that many practical and fancy products will be exhibited in the fair. For example, the intelligent nursing system with an electric diaper, which is safe, hygienic and easy for the nurses to take care of the heavily ill patients and the disabled, and some novel materials such as fluorescent powder for LED.


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