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First China Smart City Expo to open in Ningbo

The other day, Ningbo held a second meeting on the preparation of the Smart City Expo Ningbo China 2011. According to the meeting, so far, 70% of exhibition stalls have been ordered. Chen Xin, Vice Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, and Yu Hongyi, Member of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor, attended the meeting.

The theme of the first China Smart City Expo is "Exhibit technologies of smart city" and it is jointed sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and Ningbo Municipal Government. The expo is to have two parts: exhibitions and forums.

The place for the exhibitions will be Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, with the area of about 20,000 sq m, and 1,000 standard stalls. Of the 4 exhibition halls, the mail hall will be for the themed exhibition and for large enterprises, and the other 3 halls will be for the three largest operators of communications and their partners. The exhibitions are estimated to have 15,000 professional businesses and 15,000 ordinary visitors. So far, the work of the exhibition invitation has been completed by 70%.

During the expo, there will open 5 forums: the Summit Forum of Smart Cities, China Meeting of Electronic Services, Summit Forum of Smart Health, Summit Forum of the Integration of the Three Nets, and the Summit Forum of Smart Equipment. So far, the plans for the forums have been fixed and the invitation is going on.

Chen Xin emphasized that with the approaching of the expo, we still have to work hard work for the preparation. Related departments should do their best for the preparations including such work as business invitation, preparation for the forums, and opening and closing ceremonies and so on.

China Fishing Festival to open in September

The 14th China Fishing Festival has its general plan decided and it is to open in Xiangshan County from September 8 to 21.

The slogan of the festival is "Implement the strategy of marine economy" and the theme of the festival is "Be grateful to the ocean". Themed on the fishing culture, the festival aims to promote the marine economy of Xiangshan, and to display the local cultural characteristics and enterprising spirit of Xiangshan.

In company of the primary event, the festival will have 13 other activities. The primary event includes "2011 China Marine Economy Summit Forum", the opening ceremony, the sea worship ritual, the parade of the Mother Goddess and Xiangshan and East Taiwan Cooperation Forum.

In addition, from September 18 to 21, the first Damuwan Cup China (Xiangshan) Rock-climbing Contest will open.

Ningbo inviting high-end talent teams world wide

On August 23, The Office of Human Resources of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee made an public announcement of Ningbo "3315 Talent Introduction Plan", officially inviting high-end talent teams to establish their business in Ningbo. The city will put in a special fund of 100 million every year for the introduction of about 5 high-end innovative teams from the world.

It is learned that the qualifications for the candidate teams are: they should be engaged in industries on the category of key industries of Ningbo, promising to promote the industries, make important breakthroughs and bring forth considerable economic and social benefits.

The candidate leader of such a team should in principle have a Ph.D. degree, and have experience in business establishment or hold senior post in world famous enterprises for at least three years. The candidate team should have independent intellectual property rights and patent rights, and projects that are gap-filling in China with considerable market potential.

Ningbo's import covers 40% of the total of Zhejiang

The fast growth of the foreign trade comes back in Ningbo. According to Ningbo Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau, in July, the import of Ningbo reaches 3.243 billion US dollars, increased by 36.8% over the precious year, with the growth rate respectively 2.8 and 13.9 points higher than the averages of Zhejiang and the country. By the end of July, the total value of import is 21.46 billion US dollars, covering 41.2% of the total of Zhejiang. In other words, Ningbo's import covers over 40% of the total of Zhejiang.

In May this year, Ningbo released policies to encourage import, especially the import of advanced technologies and products. The circulation oriented foreign trade enterprises are encouraged to expand their import and explore new import business. In addition, special supporting funds are given to the professional markets, public service platforms for import trade and import trade practice bases.


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