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Rapid decomposition of straw to lift the productivity of the land

After the harvest of early rice, the straw was smashed and evenly sprayed over the fields together with decomposing agents to raise the productivity of the land. The success of the experiment in Ningbo has brought an apparent increase in the organic matter in the earth, with production per mu increasing by 20 to 30 kilograms. Recently, related cultural departments on Ningbo held on-the-site conferences to spread the technology.

"Straw returning to the land is the re-use of waste resource, which reduces the emission of such greenhouse gasses as carbon dioxide and methane as well as adds to the nutrients of the earth," said Zhangshuo, a senior agricultural technician.

As for the farmers, the decomposing agents are easy to use and low in cost. "With this technology, there is less insect hazard and higher yield," said a farmer.

It is learned that as a comprehensive technology to raise the productivity of the land, the rapid decomposition of straw has been applied as a pilot experiment to over 20,000 mu of land in Ningbo.

Marriage Registry Opens for newly-weds on Qixi Festival

August 8 is the Qixi Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day, which happens to be on Saturday this year. It is learned that the three districts of Haishu, Jiangdong and Jiangbei will be open on the day to provide registering services for new couples.

A Weibo on August 6 from the Haishu Administration Service Center said that in response to the wish of many newly-wed couples, they decided to keep the door open on Saturday. The address is Floor 7, 74 Xihe Street. Tel: 87268729.

This decision is welcomed by many people. Many responded by saying Thank You on weibo.

Quality farm produce to be exhibited in HK

The Hong Kong Gourmet Festival is to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. To deepen cooperation with Hong Kong in agro-cooperation and increase market share of Ningbo farm produce in HK, 51 companies of Ningbo will take part in the fair.

It is introduced that the to be exhibited farm produce of Ningbo include fruits, mountain specialties, aquatic products, cereal oils, livestock, etc, mostly famous brands. Meanwhile, some process of food making, farming techniques and tea serving ceremonies will be showcased, too. During the fair, Ningbo shall offer some 200 projects for invitation of investment.

Ningbo to Nanjing airline resumed

Shandong Airline is to resume the flight No.SC4946 from Ningbo to Nanjing which had been shut down for almost one year. There will be one flight each day, taking off at 19:50 and landing at 20:45, costing 55 minutes altogether.
The flight would stop over Nanjing on its way from Ningbo to Jinan, with a price of 480 Yuan (excluding taxes). It is a CRJ-200 Bombardier regional aircraft with the maximum capacity of 50 people.
A year ago, Shandong Airline started this route without stopping over Nanjing, taking time consuming into consideration. Fewer people choose to go by High speed train because of its frequent delay. And that is why Shandong Airline decided to resume this flight, which could attract more passengers as well as gain more money.
What's more, those businessmen could have more choices. The full occupancy of the 50 seats in total can be guarantted.

Love for the people's army

On the eve of the Army Day, residents of a neighborhood community of Haishu District are sending their regards to the soldiers of the people's army.


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