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Fenghua's pneumatic industry allies for upgrading

We found a couple of days ago on the desk in the office of Zhang Jialun, secretary-general of the Fenghua Pneumatic Industry Association a work plan, which had the Sono’s proportional electrovalve project, JELPC’s automatic testboard project, both of cutting-edge technologies. “This is the schedule after the technical innovation alliance was founded. It will be for the hard-nut problems for the pneumatic enterprises and higher institutions to work out”, said Zhang.
As a national demo base of pneumatic industry clustering and the export base of pneumatic components, Fenghua has stepped on a road to agglomeration. The pneumatic association has 150 member companies, with the exports taking up half of the total of the trade in China. But due to the lack of input for innovation, technical foundation and slow restructuring, the overall competitiveness has been hampered. To make things worse, it has to face crushing from competitors in the world market.
To realize an agglomerative development of the industry, the Association has collaborated with a dozen higher institutions of China, like the national pneumatic product quality control and testing center, the Qinghua University, and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and formed an innovative pneumatic industrial alliance. Through integrating resources of the industrial chain, the enterprises and the universities join hands in development of key technologies, general and core technologies, trying to make breakthroughs in upper stream, mid-stream and downstream industries and application terminals and forge an upper-stream to downstream industrial chain possessing leading core technologies.     
To achieve the upgrading, the Alliance has made a road map for development for the enterprises. It plans in coming five to ten years, it will be able to cultivate one or two international famous companies, five to six influential companies, and meanwhile develop a number of knock-out products. It aims to make Fenghua an important distribution place of pneumatic products in China and Asia at large.
It is learned that despite the severe overall economic situations, from January to November this year the large pneumatic enterprises in Fenghua have generated output of 1.5 billion yuan, up 23% over the same period last year

A Village and A Community of Zhenhai Won National Honors

At the commending meeting of national cultural civilization held in Beijing recently, Guangming Village and Houdajie Community of Zhenhai, Ningbo won the title of National Culturally-Leading (Wenming) Village and National Culturally-Leading (Wenming) Unit respectively.
Guangming Village, with an area of 3.2 km2, has 40 enterprises, 18 of which have an annual sales volume of 5 million and 2 of 200 million Yuan. Last year, the per capital income for rural residents was 15,280 Yuan, being the highest in Ningbo. For the past few years, the village has been advocating the fine tradition of respecting the old and loving the young, neighborhood harmony and mutual help. In 2007, the village started a program to set up examples for the villagers and promote a new code of conduct, winning the village such honors as Zhejiang Wenming Village.
Houdajie, the largest and most populated community in Zhenhai, occupies an area of 0.41 square meters, with 13,000 residents. In recent years, the community has been putting people first and taking a strategic method to build a modern and first-class community. And it has been awarded as Zhejiang Provincial Wenming Community and National Youth Wenming Community. The community has 20 groups of literary and arts workers who give performances for the community regularly. Among them, a drum team, reputed to be the best drum team in Ningbo, has won the Shanhua Award, the highest award, in the 2001 China Drum Performance Competition

Ninghai promoting emerging industries

With a capital contribution of 30 million yuan, Ninghai government introduced a company of risk investment with a capital of 170 million yuan. The other day, Haida Dingxing Venture Capital Company, the first of the kind in Ninghai initiated by the government fund, was established. On the same day, the company signed agreement on investment with two hi-tech companies of Ninghai. It is reported that the emerging industries of new energies, new materials and laser products will be benefitted by the fund.

The major part of the industry of Ninghai is middle and small enterprises. It has 8,000 small and micro enterprises and some of them are of emerging industries with a promising market prospect. In the tight money situation, many small and micro enterprises are confronted with financial problems. "With the risk investment fund initiated by the government fund, we can attract more enterprises home and abroad to Ninghai. This will promote Ninghai's gathering of capital, program, technology and human resources, promote the improvement of the investment system for the emerging enterprises and finally promote the emerging industries," said Chu Yinliang, Magistrate of Ninghai County

Xiangshan County on the list of counties powerful in construction industry

At the meeting held in Hangzhou on the development of construction industry of Zhejiang, Zhejiang provincial government commended a number of cities, counties and enterprises powerful in construction. Xiangshan County is on the list of the counties. Longyuan, Hongrun and Huafeng companies are entitled by Zhejiang provincial government “Enterprises of Zhejiang Powerful in Construction”. Lai Zhenyuan, Zheng Hongfang, Wang Zhikuang are entitled by Zhejiang provincial government “Entrepreneurs Making Outstanding Contributions to the Construction Industry of Zhejiang.”

With the efforts made in the past 30 years, the construction industry of Xiangshan has undergone rapid development and now it is a leading industry of the county. There have appeared a number leading enterprises. Over the past 10 years, Xiangshan has always been in the front of Ningbo in construction industry. In 2010, the output of construction industry of Xiangshan reached 50 billion yuan.

Now, Xiangshan has 10 construction enterprises undertaking construction projects in foreign countries. In the 11th five-year plan period, the production value of the construction industry of Xiangshan in foreign countries is among the best in Zhejiang.

The construction industry of Xiangshan has become an industry that contributes most to the local revenue. With a labor force of 230,000 people, the construction industry is an important one for the labor force in the countryside and it has promoted a large number of related industries.

This year, the construction industry of Xiangshan is estimated to be over 70 billion yuan and the tax revenue is likely to reach 500 million yuan. The targets of the construction industry of Xiangshan for the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period are: the annual growth rate of the industry should be 13%; by 2015, the output value of the industry should reach 120-140 billion yuan; the profit tax should be above 5 billion yuan; the industry should contribute more to the economic and social development of the country.

3 construction enterprises of Xiangshan listed in top 100 of China

Recently China Architecture Industry Association released the list of Top 100 Construction Enterprises of China 2010, on which are Long Yuan Company, Hongrun Company and Jian'an Company of Xiangshan.

It is reported that the election to the top 100 is based on the competitiveness index and the growth index. Of the top 100 for the competiveness index, Long Yuan Construction Group Co.,Ltd. ranks 62nd and Hongrun Construction Group Co.,Ltd. 74th. Of the Top 100 for the growth index, Zhejiang Jian'an Enterprise Group ranks 85th

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