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Yinzhou released new policy to support modern service industries

Recently, Yinzhou released Implementing Regulations for the accelerated development of modern service industries of trade, business, agency, logistics, real property management and outsourcing service. "These regulations aim to further promote the quality of development of modern service industries," said Qian An-ning, vice director of Yinzhou District Development and Reform Bureau.

The urban economy led by service industries has been the weak point of Yinzhou. In 2008, Yinzhou released the "Measures on Promoting Modern Service Industries", which started the fast development of the services industries in Yinzhou. At a meeting held early this year, it was further specified that the district should be firm on the strategy of "vitalizing the district with service industries and promote strategic adjustment of the economic structure.

The implementation regulations specify seven focuses that Yinzhou should take on the development of the modern service industries. All the regulations specify that the district should further strengthen the efforts on the introduction and nurturing of projects. According to the regulations, subsidies from a special fund should be given to those newly established service enterprises and those that newly open in office buildings and in particular, priority should be given to the emerging industries like outsourcing services, software and cartoon and animation.

Linshan Modern Agriculture Park favored by investors

On June 17, Shaoxing Ruiyun Aquaculture Company signed an agreement with the Administration Committee of Modern Agriculture Park of Lingshan Town. With an investment of 20 million yuan, Ruiyun Company intends to build a 33-acre high-end aquatic production base of soft-shelled turtles, American Leiocassis longirostris and Milk fish. It is a big project the Park has introduced this year.

Linshan Town has cultivated land, land on mountains and shoals, with good conditions for farming and aquaculture. In recent years, Linshan Town has put on top agenda the transformation and improvement of the traditional agriculture and the development of modern agriculture. Cooperated with the Wuhan Botanic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang A&F University, the town started the construction of a large modern agricultural park. Since the last year, the town has implemented 8 infrastructural construction projects of low-yield field renovation, high-end vegetable bases, the Meilan River realignment, and dredges of waters and so on. Its total investment is over 25 million yuan. At present, a modern agricultural park is taking shape. This year, the town will put 45 million yuan in a construction of standardized farmland. In the meanwhile, the town further improved related policies, to promote the development of the park by introducing new investment, new species and new technologies.

So far, 8 agricultural projects of chickens, grapes, fruits, and vegetables have settled in the agricultural park. Its total investment is over 80 million yuan. At its completion, the annual output of the park is estimated to be over 1 billion yuan.

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