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Shipbuilding industry entering “winter”

Affected by the global financial crisis, the shipping industry, which is closely related to foreign trade, has undergone great pressure since the second half of last year. The shipbuilding industry in Ningbo is confronted with a severe situation after a rapid annual growth rate of 1.5 times for two successive years.
The latest statistics from Ningbo Customs show that in the first two months, 3337 ships valued at 82.48 million US dollars were exported, down by 43% and 58.9% respectively over the same period last year. Among them, 3335 ships (worth 897,000 US dollars) are small ships for entertainment and sports utility, and were exported on a general trade basis.
According to some related officials from Ningbo Customs, the dramatic decrease of ship exports in Ningbo was mainly caused by the ever-growing contradiction of supply and demand in the market. Mr. Ye, Manager of Ningbo Dongsheng Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., said that since the second half of last year, the shipping market has entered “deep winter period”. Last year, some shipbuilding plants could draw on their previous orders. However, with the decrease of inquiries this year, shipbuilding enterprises are facing the problem of order shortage. In addition, with the ever-increasing cost caused by price rise of raw materials, financing difficulties, increase of labor costs and appreciation of RMB, the profit space of related enterprises is shrinking.

Agricultural science and technology innovation conference held

According to the agricultural science and technology innovation conference held on March 16, the focus of Ningbo’s agriculture science and technology work during the 12th Five-Year Plan period is to pay more attention to the cultivation of the technological achievements with significant application value and independent property rights, to promote the development of six key fields including high-efficiency production technology, agricultural seed developing, efficient utilization of farmlands, agro-ecological cycle technology, pest prevention and control and quality safety of farm produce, and to gain a range of major innovative achievements in terms of agro-biotechnology, information technology and precision technology.

This year is the "promoting year of agricultural science and technology" with an aim of new breakthroughs in such aspects as science and technology personnel training, science and technology achievements transformation and basic public service system construction. Training will be provided for 100 chief agriculture specialists, 1000 agricultural technicians, 5000 technological demonstration households and 50,000 agricultural business entities. A new "Yongyou" seed base with an area of 5000 acres and three livestock breeding platforms will be built. Four new crops demonstration platforms and a municipal seed resource base will be established. The areas of the "double thousand project" fields and "ten thousand yuan" fields will be expanded to 100,000 acres and 300,000 acres respectively

State Council approves the opening of Meishan Port

The State Council approved the opening of the Meishan Free Trade Port Zone and the No.2 berth in Beilun Port of Ningbo Port, according to news from Meishan Port on March, 14. 
The approved open areas are along the 27 kilometers of coastlines along Meishan Island, including the No.1 to No.5 quay berths for containers as well as the first two multi-functional quay berths.
It generally took one and a half hour to inspect every foreign ship because of the limitation of temporary opening since its operation from August of 2010. The approval of official opening could decrease the time to one hour, saving several hundred U.S. dollars each ship according to the current cost standard.
As the fifth national Free Trade Port Zones, Meishan Port is the core area of the demonstration region for the development of maritime economy in Zhejiang and the Zhejiang provincial industries clustering zone with the most marine features. As one of the officers in the Administrative Committee of Meishan Port put it, the opening of the port could become an impetus to the development foreign trade and port logistics. Therefore, the official opening of Meishan Port will give full play to the preferential policies enjoyed by the port and thus drive the development of such marine industries as international logistics, international trade and coastal tourism, etc. around the port areas.   
It is introduced that the approval of the State Council will involve the following matters: the opening of the ship routes and the water-land transshipment, the setting of the inspection institution, the staffing level and extent of power for administrative examination and approval etc. Moreover, the related software and hard ware will also been constructed as soon as possible

Beilun to build the leading marine economy demonstration area

As the core area of building the strong international port and developing the port industries, Beilun District is demonstrating its leading role in the strategic situation of Zhejiang's marine economy, with the settlement of a range of quality marine economic projects in the district. according to Chen Lixing, member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Beilun District Party Committee, accelerating the development of marine economy in the district plays a significant strategic role in implementing the “six-quickening” strategy, transforming Ningbo from "big marine economic city" to "strong marine economic city", and boosting the comprehensive economic strength of Beilun District to the "leading party"” of towns and counties nationwide. So far, 89 marine industrial investment projects have been approved, with the total industrial investment amounting to over 100 billion yuan during the whole 12th Five-Year Plan period. Marine economy in the district is to see a prosperous period.

As an important platform for marine economy in Zhejiang Province and the core of the strategic pattern of "a port and two bays" in Ningbo, Meishan Industrial Cluster Zone has been listed among the 14 key industrial cluster zones in the province. Backed by Meishan Bonded Port Area, the zone will be built into an important growth pole of Beilun's economic development. So far about 1000 enterprises have been attracted to settle in Meishan Industrial Cluster Zone, and a distinct core industry system will be formed this year.

The district is accelerating its development of port logistics service industry and construction of ten commodities trading platforms for oil products, LNG and steel products, etc. It is making efforts to realize the aim of bulk commodities turnover exceeding 150 billion yuan and major varieties achieving pricing power by 2015. Currently, such projects as China Mercantile Exchange and the Exchange of Metal Mineral Products and Imported Coal have been put into operation, with the accumulative amount of metal mineral products and imported coal exceeding 30 million tons and the turnover surpassing 30 billion yuan.

"The intensive promotion of a range of major marine economic projects will play a demonstrative role in developing marine economy in Ningbo or even Zhejiang Province." said related personnel in charge of Beilun District Reform and Development Bureau. In the district, 21 major projects with a total investment of 60 billion yuan have been included in the major marine economic development planning of Zhejiang Province during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. It is estimated that by 2015, the gross marine product in Beilun District will exceed 60 billion yuan, its proportion among the local GDP will increase to 60%, and the proportion of marine strategic emerging industries will reach over 30%. Beilun will then be built into the demonstrative base for marine emerging industries in Zhejiang Province and an important manufacture industrial base for marine engineering equipments in the Yangtze River Delta region

CCTV spotlighted on Beilun's public rental housing

The production crew of CCTV made a trip to Beilun recently, to make an interview on Beilun’s construction of public rental housing by enterprises themselves.
Beilun is the first district in Zhejiang where migrant population exceeds the local population. The district pays high attention to the housing problems of migrant workers. In the recent years, Beilun government has put into great efforts to improve the housing security system with the building of public rental housing as its main part while investing funds in constructing low-renting houses. Last October, Beilun authority carried out the trial policy for the constructing public rental housing and firstly launched the construction of houses with enterprises’ capital, the act of which won appreciation from Zhejiang Provincial leaders.
  In the two-day interview, CCTV interviewed Beilun officers who are in charge of the program, mainly centered on topics that where to arrange land resources and how to engage needy enterprises into this program etc. At the same time, they also made spot interview at the construction sites of Ningbo Steel Co., Ltd. and Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd

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