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​Construction of waterfront bridge under Sanguantang Bridge begins

The city's major urban construction project, Sanguantang Bridge, has made new progress. The construction of the waterfront bridge on the north shore of the main bridge began. It is learned that  the installation of the middle section of steel structure will be completed by the end of December 2019, and it is expected to be fully operational in 2020

In Memory of Ningbo Labor Movement Leader Wang Kunlie

On April 24th, the CPC Committee of Xinzhi Community of Haishu District takes its members to visit Martyr Wang Kunlie Memorial Hall to learn about the revolutionary struggle of the first chairman of Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions before the upcoming May Day

Go Green Together

A World Earth Day activity themed as “Go Green Together through Handicrafts” was unfolded at the Meiyan Community, Yongjiang Street, Jiangbei District on the morning of April 22rd. 

  Over 20 families who have just moved to the community learned to make plant pots with wastes and decorate their houses with these plants. Volunteers from “bo Green Service Team” gave guidance on the art of pot lay-out, and on how to

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Reading with the Blind

On April 22nd, Book Club for the Blind of Sunshine Bookshop holds a reading activity where two blindmen read Braille books like The Road to Mental Strength, and Live a Lively Life for some citizens and handicapped people

Book Sharing Fair with Night Lights

The 2019 City Night Light Sharing Fair was held at Jinhui Town of the Yuehu Lake on the night of April 21st. Book sharers left words in their favorable books, which would be passed on to others together with the book. Up to 800 book lovers, both home and abroad, participated in the fair to appreciate music and drama, and share books as well as their feelings about the activity

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