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Large coastal beach to pen to tourists

The sand paving work of the 1.88-kilometer long coastal beach of Ningbo has recently been completed. Located on the north of the southern bank of the waterway of Meishan Island, next to the Yangsha Mountain and the Mingyue Lake of Chunxiao Street, the beach is now under construction with its supporting projects. It is projected to open to public partly by the end of July this year

Mazu worship activity held at Qing’an Guild Hall

Jointly hosted by the Qing'an Guild Hall and Ningbo Association of Enterprises Invested by Taiwan Compatriots, and assisted by the Youth Fellowship of the association, the 2018 "Mazu Worship" activity, in honor of the 1058 anniversary of Mazu's birth as well as the cultural exchange between Ningbo and Taiwan, was held at the Qing'an Guild Hall on May 6

Weaving Egg Slipcovers for the Beginning of Summer

At the beginning of summer, on May 2nd, folk customs activity, co-hosted by Yinzhou Jiangdong International Kindergarten and the Jiangcheng community of Fuming Street for the beginning of summer. Foreign teachers learn to knit egg slipcovers with the help of weaving masters and play bumper eggs, which is another traditional practice for the beginning of summer. (Photo by Ding An Chen Jianyin)

Painting with colored footprints

Over 100 young people from Ningbo Construction Group painted a ten-meter-long picture with their colored footprint on May 4, the Youth Day. This is an activity for advocating green traffic and sports life among the young people

Evening of International Labor Day

On the evening of the International Labor Day, along the Sanjiangkou Port in Ningbo was a fantastic light show, which combined the traditional culture of Ningbo with modern science and technology, forming a happy festive atmosphere

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