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Spring tea comes to picking season

The villagers of the Du'ao Village of the Chayuan Township of Ninghai County were recently busy picking up the first batch of the "Wanghai" tea on their family farms. Due to the perpetual rainy weather in the recent period, the picking season of the spring tea this year has been postponed for more than two weeks than usual

Senior female citizens learn flower-arranging art

To celebrate the coming International Women’s Day on March 8, the Zhousudu Community of the Baihe Street of Yinzhou District held a flower-arranging art training class for female citizens over 70 years old on March 5. The participants were happy to enjoy the natural beauty of the flowers as well as a more colorful cultural life of old age

Foreign teachers learn to play guzheng

The foreign teachers of the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, attended the guzheng class of the Xuefu Community of the Shounan Street of Yinzhou District, as a way of experiencing the traditional Chinese culture

Citizens enjoy beautiful plum blossom scenery

Thanks to the sunny weather on March 4, a lot of citizens went to the Plum Garden of the Jiufeng Mountain Scenic Area of Beilun District to enjoy the beautiful plum blossom scenery there. The garden, with an area of over 60 mu and over 6,000 plum trees, is a well-known site for plum blossom appreciation

"Learning from Lei Feng" activities held

A series of "learning from Lei Feng" activities were held on March 2 by the "Dandelion Party Member Service Team" and 20 public transport volunteers at the Drum Tower Bus Station, providing the local citizens such services as repairing bicycles or household appliances, hair cutting and bus security knowledge publicity

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