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European Friends Learning Erhu

July 3, some foreigners from Central and Eastern European countries who now work in a cultural enterprise in Ningbo paid a visit to traditional folk musical instrument enthusiast Pan Wenxi. They went to his place in Shounan Street in Yinzhou District, and Pan taught them how to play erhu while showing them the craftsmanship in making an erhu

Laowaitan: flowers now waiting for visitors

As one of the venues for the 1st China-CEEC Expo & International Consumer Goods Fair, Laowaitan of Jiangbei Ningbo has been re-decorated to welcome more overseas visitors.

Since the end of April, relevant departments in Jiangbei District have been arranging flower landscape in Laowaitan. In front of the Laowaitan Catholic Church on June 4, a piece of China-CEEC Expo themed flowers is seen in a unique shape, with flowers and plants intermingled. On the green belt by the river, a gorgeous "hydrangea avenue" attracts many citizens to come for a visit

Demand-supply docking meeting for community service held

The road-show activity of the "double first-class" social organizations as well as the demand-supply docking meeting for community services was held at the Moonlake Street of Haishu District on the afternoon of May 7, attracting the participation of ten social organizations, and four enterprises and six communities in need, to share service experience and match the service demands

Beilun organizes green bicycle riding activity to advocate a low-carbon lifestyle

June 5th is the World Environment Day. Beilun District organizes hundreds of volunteers to participate in the green bicycle-riding activity to advocate a low-carbon lifestyle. This also belongs to the district’s series of activities to protect and improve the eco-environment. The series of activities aim at building the eco-environment that is protected and shared by the government, enterprises and citizens, and improving Beilun’s environment and living standards

Freight terminal of Ningbo section of Hangzhou-Ningbo Canal put into use

On May 6, a cargo ship loaded with 420 tons of yellow sand docked at the Ningbo Bilisheng Logistics Distribution Terminal, marking the official using of the first river freight terminal along the Ningbo section of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Canal. The pier is located in the Gaoqiao Town of Haishu District, adjacent to the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, with four 500-ton berths. According to a related person in charge of the Port and Shipping Administration of Haishu District, as the

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