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Campus Security Guards have summer training

On August 13, the Education Bureau of Jiangbei District organized 130 campus security guards to have skill training such as capturing, fighting, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and hemostasis, so as to better protect campus safety. The picture shows the instructor guiding the security guards to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Sunny and refreshing day after typhoon

On August 12th, people are boating in Moon Lake. The city has just experienced violent storms, but now the sky is pure, tranquil and beautiful

Fight against disaster together

On the morning of August 10, the militia is evacuating the victims of typhoon. Photo by Xu Neng

Affected by Typhoon Lekima, Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District, had a rainfall of 385 mm in 24 hours from August 9 to 10, which had a serious impact on residents' safety, industrial and agricultural production, road traffic and electricity

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