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Construction of southern transportation hub to promote high-quality development in Ningbo

“14th Five-Year Plan” Ningbo's Transportation Layout

Transportation plays a leading role in the construction of the metropolitan area, and it must be forward-looking. To build a metropolitan area, Ningbo must form a group-type development pattern. Correspondingly, it is necessary to build a whole coverage and comprehensive hub pattern of zoning services. In other words,

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Best season for razor clam

On the morning of March 28, the "Second Razor Clam Festival and Sea Pond Healthy Run" of the 2020 "Shanhai Festival" series of activities was held in Zhanqi Town, Yinzhou District. A series of colorful and distinctive activities such as "Spring Mountain and Sea Exhibition", "Razor Clam Digging Competition" and "Razor Clam Banquet", showing tourists with the most characteristic mountain and sea "micro-tour" scenery

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