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Little birds exploring spring

On the shore of Yuehu lake, in the cold wind of February, the birds can’t wait to explore the spring. As rain stops temporarily, more birds are coming. They are singing or playing in the trees or by the lake, full of vitality

Plum blossoms in botanic garden

On February 24th, the rain stopped temporarily, and the number of tourists in the Ningbo Botanic Garden soared. At present, the 1.2 hectares of plum blossoms in the botanic gardens are in full bloom. There are hundreds of plum varieties in the garden. Tourists are rushing to appreciate the spring flowers in the weekend

Say “No” to Tobacco


Today is World No Tobacco Day. On May 30th, the Yinzhou Distric Jiangdong Center Kindergarten, joined with Shijia community in Dongsheng Street launched a campaign " Say ‘No’ to Tobacco", during which, children made a large cigarette model by themselves and cut it in public, saying they would tell their family to stay away from tobacco

Rape blossoms are on!

On February 23, after the ceaseless rain, the long-lost sun finally showed up. In a piece of farmland on the shore of Dongqian Lake, the rape blossoms are in full bloom, giving off a faint spring scent.

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