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Ningbo smart education platform launches learning APPs

It is learned from Ningbo Education Bureau that during the winter vacation Ningbo smart education platform will launch a variety of learning APPs and resources for students.

It is understood that students can have their own "learning packages" according to their own needs from those rich resources. During the winter vacation, the students can choose from over three million online classes by famous teachers all over the country. They can also communicate with their parents by means of various APPs, practice spoken English online, and compete with friends in study, life, social practice and other aspects.

To parents' relief, the students can seek help online during the winter vacation. The smart education platform launched the online question-solving activity by inviting some famous teachers and volunteer students. According to the schedule, from January 31 to February 5 and from February 15 to 20, four teachers and the volunteer groups will answer the questions online posed by middle school and primary school students. The questions are mainly for Chinese, maths, English and science.

Besides the teachers, the volunteer students are also available for solving problems. The "top school resources" application makes it possible for the students to learn about the learning materials of the top schools throughout the country. The local top schools, such as Zhenhai Middle School, Xiaoshi Middle School, Cixi Middle School and Yuyao Middle School, are also included in the application.

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