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53 school canteens upgraded to transparent kitchens in Jiangdong

Recently, it is learned from Jiangdong Education Bureau that all the 53 school canteens in Jiangdong District have been upgraded to “transparent kitchens” for the safety of students, completing the provincial indicator a year ahead of schedule.
Jiangdong District has 45 primary schools, middle schools and kindergartens with a total of 53 canteens. In recent years, Jiangdong District has been actively promoting the “million students’ food safety” project by upgrading the school canteen hardware, installing monitoring software, increasing cameras and enhancing the level of monitoring and supervision by intelligent means to improve the quality of student restaurants.

Jiangdong District is the first one that realized full coverage of “transparent kitchens” in Ningbo. It has invested a total of more than 3 million yuan and 290cameras in processing rooms, kitchens and other important places. Students, teachers and parents can learn about the sanitary condition of food processing, raw materials condition and cooking process through the canteen’s LED screen. At the same time, schools will present everyday materials, ingredients and seasoning through real objects, pictures or other forms so that students and parents can make sure about the food quality.
Meanwhile, Jiangdong District established a “real-time video monitoring system” to realize the remote supervision of school canteens. Responsible persons from Jiangdong Education Bureau and the schools can fully grasp every section of food production in school canteens and record the video for more than 30 days with just a click of a mouse. Once the problem is detected in the video, security risks can be solved in the first place. 
In addition, Jiangdong District also effectively carried out quantified and classified management of school food and strictly implemented a series of rules and regulations, such as raw and auxiliary materials invoice and registration system, keeping food samples for more than 48 hours, establish accounts, food processing practices, food safety accident treatment and so on. 

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