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Maker space to exceed 100,000 square meters by 2017

Ningbo High and New Technology Zone is working to build an enabling platform for mass entrepreneurship and innovation in keeping with the booming era of internet-based innovation and business creations. Ningbo New Material Maker Space has become part of national service system that manages incubators for scientific firms. The Maker Space will position itself as a professional market-based research center with global presence. It aims to match researches with production.

Founded in July 2015, the High and New-tech Zone-based Maker Space represents the first ever large scale and integrated space in Ningbo. Over the past half year, the Maker Space has brought together the Chinese Academy of Sciences Maker Space, Business Model Concept Verification Lab, Ningbo New Oriental, Angel Club and other well-known entrepreneurship service institutes. More than 100 creators or creator teams have joined the Maker Space, covering computer hardware, new materials and other areas.

“Maker Space has offered a new type of entrepreneurship platform that features cost effectiveness, facilitation and openness. It has also provided entrepreneurs with working space, network space, social space and resource-sharing space”, said Zhang Nanfen, director of the managing commission. The Zone is poised to foster a new landscape that helps press ahead with the development of new business activities. That puts Ningbo Maker Space at the core, helping fuel the growth of innovation, entrepreneurship and emerging industries. The specialized scene also aims to harness the synergy of new materials, the Internet and the Maker Space. Different fields will be covered as well.

By 2017, the Zone will offer a new type of incubators with distinctive features. More than 100,000 square meters will be added to the existing areas of Maker Space, thus bringing together over 1,500 ambitious university graduates, overseas talents, scientists and technicians. More than 100 entrepreneurship-oriented service providers will make their presence there, offering entrepreneurship demonstrations, financial services, training and technology transfer

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