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Cross-border e-commerce exports of Beilun District ranks No.1

It is learned from Beilun Commerce Bureau that in the first half of this year, the export volume of the cross-border e-commerce trade of Beilun District reached US$609.8542 million, accounting for 42.56% of the total of the city, ranking No.1 among all the districts and counties. 
The achievement is mainly driven by the new industrial patterns. The B2C Cross-border E-commerce Park, established at the end of 2015 in Beilun District, now a one-stop comprehensive service platform integrating finance and credit, has attracted the settlement of ten companies, with the daily package amount of over 800. The KJTYT, a cross-border export B2B service platform, has completed its docking with the customs system, so that the customs supervision can cover the warehouse stage, improving the customs clearance efficiency by 118%, and 205 enterprises have been included in the platform. 
So far, 14 cross-border B2B e-commerce pilot enterprises as well as a number of cross-border e-commerce platforms have been established in Beilun District. Together with the seven introduced e-commerce logistics enterprises, an industrial chain integrating cross-border e-commerce platforms, warehousing, logistics and payment has taken shape in the district.
The international mailing system in Ningbo was put into operation on June 28 this year, which means that the international mails can complete the customs clearance locally rather than going through the exchange bureaus in Hangzhou or Shanghai. "In the past, it took five to seven days to mail to the US, but now it only takes four to five days. Without going to the exchange bureaus in Hangzhou or Shanghai, we can save the logistics cost as well as workload." said a person in charge from a cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the district

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Set A New High in Sea-rail Combined Transport Volume

According to Ningbo Customs on July, 26th, the volume of sea-rail combined transport of Zhoushan Port has set a new high (100,100 TUE) in the first half year, a year-on-year growth of 26.6 per cent.
As one of the fastest developing business, Ningbo Zhoushan Port is expanding its sea-rail combined transport reach into the middle and western parts of China in order to include more and more inland cities into the circle of its operation. Over the first half of this year, governments of Tongling, Fuyangand Liling have signed strategic cooperation agreements with Ningbo Zhoushan Port and 5 lines of sea-rail combined transport have been opened in and out of the provinces. By then, the number of the lines has exceeded 20.
The speed increase of the port’s logistics service,which is underpinned by efficient service interworking network, is deeply favored by its customers. “The shipment of containers enjoys multiple convenient services, especially the batch container transit service since now Zhoushan Customs allows one-time declaration. On this note, the efficiency of cargo release has been considerably promoted” said Lu Yinhu, manager of Ningbo Jiean Customs Declaration Agency Co., Ltd.

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It’s learned from Information Office of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government Press Conference on October 21 that the overall performance of Ningbo economy was stable and moving in a positive direction. According to the preliminary estimation, the gross re

Four shipping routes index included in Ningbo Containerized Freight Index (NCFI) of “Maritime Silk Road Index” (MSRI) were released on the homepage of Baltic Exchange official website at 4 p.m., Oct.23, Beijing Time, 9 a.m., London time, which is the first time China has the say in the international shipping sector, causing widespread concern. Lu Ziyue, Mayor of Ningbo, makes important instruction.  Relevant government authorities, colleges and international cargo enterprises discuss internationalization of “Maritime Silk Road Index” passionately.
Lu Ziyue pointed out the official release of “Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Container Index” in Baltic Exchange is a great event for construction of internationalized city and port economic rim. All departments and Ningbo Shipping Exchange should arrange work according to municipal government policies, promote information resource integrity persistently and establish “MSRI” brand.
Dong Baoqing, deputy director of Technical Information Development Bureau of State Internet Information Office, said, industrial foundation in Ningbo breeds Ningbo Shipping Exchange and “Maritime Silk Road Index”. This collaboration not only advances influence and international level of Ningbo, but also accelerates the internationalization of China high-end shipping service industry and promotes China’s position in international shipping market.
Ningbo University Faculty of Maritime and Transportation is one of the compiling units of NCFI. Zheng Penjun, dean of this faculty, said, typical shipping routes jointly released by Ningbo Shipping Exchange and Baltic Exchange are of great significance and influence and facilitate the promotion of Ningbo NCFI influence as well as the popularity of Ningbo port and city.
Jin Jiang, president of Ningbo Dashing International Logistics Co., Ltd, expressed pride in the internationalization of the index. “NCFI has significant influence on freight forwarding. With this barometer, to a great extent, risks caused by freight fluctuations can be reduced. We hope that it can bring its function into full play.

First specialized ocean refrigeration ship put into use

On the morning of October 30, the "Eurasian Cold 6", the first ocean refrigeration ship in Ningbo, was officially put to use by the Boda Ship of Hepu Town, which marks that the Ningbo Eurasian Ocean Fishery Co. Ltd. has become a large-scale ocean fishery enterprise integrating fishing, transportation, material supply and cold chain storage. The company, located in Hepu Town of Xiangshan County, was established in October 2010. With three specialized ocean squid fishing boats, four squid and saury fishing boats, one 10,000-ton cold storage base and two overseas supply bases, the company has the qualification for offshore fishing, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

It takes 155 days for the number of import declaration documents to exceed 5000

It takes 155 days for the number of import declaration documents to exceed 5000, while it only takes another 27 days for it to exceed 10,000. It is learned from the administrative committee of the Wangchun Industrial Park that since the cross-border E-business was launched seven months ago, the Lishe Bonded Logistics Center have completed 59,042 bonded import transactions, with a total cargo value of 13.459 million yuan, and customers covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities.
The cross-border E-business pilot of the Lishe Bonded Logistics Center started the "bonded goods collection" model on December 29, 2014, and then it launched the "bonded goods storage" model on June 1, 2015. currently, about 100 enterprises have registered with the center, including such prominent E-commerce enterprise from home and abroad as Moximoxi and 
In addition, the Wangchun E-business Industrial Park has been established to deal with the general domestic E-commerce business. The first phase of the park covers an area of 48,000 square meters and has attracted 81 E-business and supporting enterprises with a total register capital of 137 million yuan. The second phase of the park will soon be under construction

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