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Beilun District Witnessing Steady Economic Growth

A batch of key projects are currently under intensive construction in every industrial base in Beilun District, which are supposed to be the highlights of economic growth in the district; a number of high-quality projects have already been anchored in the district, providing support to the development of new energy; and a series of burden-reduction and supporting policies have been successively introduced, promoting the enterprise transformation. During the first half year of 2016, the major economic indicators have been well achieved better than expected in Beilun District.
In the recent years, Beilun District has adopted targeted approaches in accurate investment, investment attraction and industry support to address the problems existing in the weak points of industries and inferior projects.
In the first half year, 25,000 square meters of old and dilapidated buildings have been reconstructed in Beilun District, involving 424 households, thereby providing better living environment for urban residents. According to statistics, 70 projects aimed at building a more livable district have been completed in the former six months, with a total investment of 460 million Yuan. It is especially noteworthy that the investment in environment, public service and district functions has increased.
While Key projects are the cornerstones of industrial development, encouraging early starts of project construction and production is the top priority of ensuring stable economic growth in the new normal. On the office table of Li Xianpo, chief of Government Investment Section, Beilun District Development and Reform Commission, the assessment items of various programs including assessment objects, projects, time and targets are clearly categorized, formulating specific schedule for every functional department. With certain adjustments, the construction of projects invested by the government of Beilun District went better in the first half year than 2015, with new projects’ rate of operation reaching 24 percent, nearly double the figure the year earlier, while the finishing rate of extended projects standing at 63 percent, 20 percent higher than last year.
Promote transformation to create new momentum, further extend the industrial chain and improve the industrial environment. Based on automobile components industry, automotive electronics industry in Beilun District is emerging at a high speed. MINTH Group’s project of cameras fitted for cars are put into operation in Chunxiao Group; Taijing (Ningbo) Electronic Co., Ltd, which has the 7th largest productivity scale, has established business division for automobile electronics, extending its reach from single electronics to matching intelligentized automobile industry.
Six industrial bases are gaining higher degree of specification. Puxia Modern International Logistics Industry Park characterized by port service industry, Xiaogang Equipment Industrial Park congregated by equipment manufacturers and Dagang New and High-technology Industrial Base all have higher productivity and better images, which helps Beilun District attract investment both home and abroad in the first half year.
In the new normal, enterprises can better transform only if their burdens were lifted. Recently, Beilun District made itself the pioneer in introducing 35 suggestions on reducing cost and alleviating burdens of enterprises. With such great margin of preference, a total sum of 350 million yuan is predicted to be saved for enterprises.
While trying to establish themselves, financing difficulty, in most cases, can be the ‘last straw’ for small-sized enterprises. On 5th, August, technology risk capital pool of Beilun District was officially put into use. Up to now, the district has already set aside 10 million yuan, which, according to the leverage effect, is supposed to provide 100 million yuan of credit funds for enterprises annually

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