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China Fishing Festival to open in September

The 14th China Fishing Festival has its general plan decided and it is to open in Xiangshan County from September 8 to 21.

The slogan of the festival is "Implement the strategy of marine economy" and the theme of the festival is "Be grateful to the ocean". Themed on the fishing culture, the festival aims to promote the marine economy of Xiangshan, and to display the local cultural characteristics and enterprising spirit of Xiangshan.

In company of the primary event, the festival will have 13 other activities. The primary event includes "2011 China Marine Economy Summit Forum", the opening ceremony, the sea worship ritual, the parade of the Mother Goddess and Xiangshan and East Taiwan Cooperation Forum.

In addition, from September 18 to 21, the first Damuwan Cup China (Xiangshan) Rock-climbing Contest will open.

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