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Ningbo inviting high-end talent teams world wide

On August 23, The Office of Human Resources of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee made an public announcement of Ningbo "3315 Talent Introduction Plan", officially inviting high-end talent teams to establish their business in Ningbo. The city will put in a special fund of 100 million every year for the introduction of about 5 high-end innovative teams from the world.

It is learned that the qualifications for the candidate teams are: they should be engaged in industries on the category of key industries of Ningbo, promising to promote the industries, make important breakthroughs and bring forth considerable economic and social benefits.

The candidate leader of such a team should in principle have a Ph.D. degree, and have experience in business establishment or hold senior post in world famous enterprises for at least three years. The candidate team should have independent intellectual property rights and patent rights, and projects that are gap-filling in China with considerable market potential.

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