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Ningbo's import covers 40% of the total of Zhejiang

The fast growth of the foreign trade comes back in Ningbo. According to Ningbo Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau, in July, the import of Ningbo reaches 3.243 billion US dollars, increased by 36.8% over the precious year, with the growth rate respectively 2.8 and 13.9 points higher than the averages of Zhejiang and the country. By the end of July, the total value of import is 21.46 billion US dollars, covering 41.2% of the total of Zhejiang. In other words, Ningbo's import covers over 40% of the total of Zhejiang.

In May this year, Ningbo released policies to encourage import, especially the import of advanced technologies and products. The circulation oriented foreign trade enterprises are encouraged to expand their import and explore new import business. In addition, special supporting funds are given to the professional markets, public service platforms for import trade and import trade practice bases.

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