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Overseas trip of Ningbo culture to be launched

From February 1 to 10, the culture & tourism promotion activities of Ningbo, with the theme of “Zhejiang Province in poetry and painting”, will be held at four cities of Bulgaria and Romania. During the ten days, artists from Ningbo will put on stage the traditional opera pieces, acrobatics and folk singing and dancing, and present the folk customs of the Chinese Spring Festival and the cultural charm of Ningbo Port through such intangible cultural heritage items as the Spring Festival couplets, paintings, and lantern making, as well as the oil painting and photography works.

Reportedly, the series activities are rich in both content and form. The major activities include the performance tours at the four cities by the “Tianyihui” Art Troupe, the “Zhejiang Province in poetry and painting” culture and tourism promotion activities (the exhibition tours of cultural and tourist pictures, the intangible cultural heritage items experience, and the culture and tourism promotion meeting of Ningbo), and the 2020 Marine Silk Road Oil Painting Exhibition.

Based on the “Dafangyuedi” stage of the Moonlake Park of Ningbo, the “Tianyihui” Art Troupe puts on stage the traditional folk art performances of Peking Opera, Shaoxing Opera and Ningbo Zoushu, and holds painting, calligraphy or photography exhibitions sometimes. Since its foundation, with the support from all the sectors concerned, the troupe has become an important carrier for the performance of the traditional culture, as well as a “gold brand” for culture-tourism integration and cultural exchanges of Ningbo.

The four cities for the tours include Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, Bourgas, a tourist city in Bulgaria, Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and Pitesti, a major city in Romania. Centered on the Ningbo stories, the performance, including acrobatics, magic and operas, will relate the development history of Ningbo as an ancient port of the marine silk road and its brilliant culture. The performers include such big shots as Zhang Xiaojun, a state Class-A actress and winner of the Plum Flower Award, Xue Qiaoping, the sixth-generation inheritor of the Ninghai Tooth-playing (a state-level intangible cultural heritage item), and Wu Jiancheng, a face-changing skill master who once performed at the World Internet Conference.  

The picture exhibition of the “Zhejiang Province in poetry and painting” aims to present the landscape, folk customs and intangible cultural heritage works with the pictures from the photographers. With the combination and static exhibition and dynamic performance, the exhibition will show the visitors the folk customs, the wisdom in creation and the traditional craftsmanship of Zhejiang Province.

At the tours, the intangible cultural heritage items experiencing activities, like composing the Spring Festival couplets, painting the Spring Festival paintings, making lanterns and tasting delicious Ningbo-style food. The tourist brochures and souvenirs will be presented to publicize the culture and tourism of Zhejiang Province, to arouse the local people’s interest in visiting Zhejiang Province.

The culture and tourism promotion meeting of Ningbo, unlike the traditional form of promotion, will include tasting the featured food, watching tourist publicity videos, promoting tourist routes and sharing tourist experiences, to show the cultural and tourist charm of Ningbo.

In addition, Yan Juanzi, a famous artist, has also composed a series of oil paintings for Ningbo’s marine silk road culture, and the paintings will be exhibited in the Sofia Cultural Center of Bulgaria for a month. With the theme of “song of water”, the exhibition with 20 oil painting works, will present the charm of the blue oriental country and spread the marine silk road culture.

The event is actually a branch activity of the 2020 “Happy Spring Festival” tours by the Culture and Tourism Ministry. As an important brand for cultural exchange, the “Happy Spring Festival” tours aim to celebrate the Spring Festival, share the Chinese culture and build a harmonious world with the people of other countries in the world. Appointed by Zhejiang Culture and Tourism Department, Ningbo will undertake this year’s tour activities and promote the culture and tourism of Zhejiang Province

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