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Sanguantang bridge joint together

On the morning of January 14, Sanguantang bridge had its last giant arm of steel structure welded on, marking the successful completion of the bridge construction.

Sanguantang Bridge and its connecting engineering is the key construction project of the three-year critical action, which starts from southern Jiangnan Road in Gaoxing district, and ends in northern Zhongguan West Road in Zhenhai district. The total length is about 3.3 kilometers with the standard width of section at 68 meters, and the bridge is divided into sidewalks(two-way 6 lanes at 4 meters width) and bicycle lanes(two-way at 5 meters width) serving as the urban main road. The main bridge across the Yongjiang River is a three-span continuous steel girder bridge with a main span of 465 meters and a length of 785 meters.

The structure of a long single span across a river posed great challenges to the construction. To guarantee the smooth daily commute and flood safety at Yongjiang River waterway during its construction, the section above the river adopted the extremely difficulty integral cantilever assembly technology of large section steel girder.

As the main bridge was joint together, the construction of the bridge went into the construction phase of bridge decks, and the project is scheduled to be ready for traffic before the end of 2020 September, and to be finished at the end of 2020. A new channel to cross the river will be added along with the completion of the bridge, which is of great significance to improving the structure of the urban road network, easing cross-river traffic congestion, supporting the expansion of urban space, promoting interactive development across the Yongjiang river

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