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Big data of public bicycles of Ningbo released

The 2019 big data of the public bicycle system of Ningbo was released on January 20. According to the data, in 2019, about 26 million people used the public bicycles, with the daily average of 71,200 people. Since 2013 when the public bicycle system was put into use, the rental volume of the public bicycles has exceeded 188 million times. The most popular area for public bicycle use is the Dram Tower area, including a dozen of public bicycle spots like the Jiefang Road and the Kaiming Street, with the annual rental volume of 865,000 times.

In 2019, three people in Ningbo used the public bicycle for over 3,000 times, with the top one using 3,949 times. A public bicycle with the plate number of “Ningbo-41322” was used 2,643 times, being the most frequently used public bicycle in Ningbo.

The public bicycles played an important role in connecting the rail transit system. Currently, there are 71 connecting spots of public bicycles for Rail Transit Line No.1 and Line No.2. The rental volume of the connecting spots for Rail Transit Line No.1 was 1.4715 million times, and that of the connecting sports for Rail Transit Line No.2 was 548,500 times. “Public bicycle + rail transit” has become the most popular means of transport for Ningbo citizens.

In 2019, the public bicycle hotline received over 115,900 calls from citizens, and helped the citizens to return the bicycles for 43,700 times. It helped to solve 12,600 bicycle or card loss cases and 203 lost property cases. It also assisted the citizens to view the monitoring for 182 times and the police to view the monitoring for 76 times in investigating for cases

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