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Seeking cultural flavor in "Stone Village"

The hanging flower baskets are woven with the most common cotton ropes, and some common mountain flowers and dog's tail grass are used to decorate the flower baskets, which not only retains the rustic beauty, but also exhibits wild interest. This long holiday, the handmade work of Zhu Leilei, a villager of Ninghai Tea House, was officially launched, hung on the stone wall of Xumin Village, a crowded "Stone Village", quietly welcoming tourists coming and going.  

Opera, embroidery, rope weaving, flower arranging... This long holiday, the first batch of "grass-rooted students" from Chayuan Township, the pilot site of Ninghai Rural Cultural Gene Cultivation Project, ushered in the stage for the first time. Three months ago, they invited the village's specially-appointed tutors, famous cultural craftsmen and cultural talents from Ninghai County, to teach them skills; now, they exhibit their talents to decorate the village and welcome visitors from all directions. In the new era of comprehensive revitalization of rural tourism, rural culture is more than just homesickness. When culture and art are deeply cultivated in the soil of the countryside, when modernity and tradition merge, new sparks can also be burst.

In the center of "Stone Village", the newly opened "Stone Village Porcelain Workshop" and "Liaoyue Pavilion" have become new destinations for family trips and couple trips. One is to use local porcelain mines unearthed in Chayuan Township and refining enamel with local plants and trees; the other is characterized by ancient incense making, visitors can experience the making of incense sticks, incense pills, incense tablets, etc.  

"The history of porcelain making in Chayuan Township can be traced back to the Song Dynasty, and there is still a Song Dynasty Yue kiln in the township. We set up the porcelain workshop in Xumin Village to attract more people's attention to porcelain culture with the help of the village’s good tourism foundation." said the person in charge of "Stone Village Porcelain Workshop" and a member of Ninghai County Arts and Crafts Association.

The 50-year-old tea factory and broken cattle shed at the entrance of the village also ushered in a new life in this wave of cultural transformation. The late village party branch secretary Ye Quanjiang put forward the concept of "repair the old as the old" during his lifetime, and used market means to find a professional design team, on the one hand to strengthen the structure, and on the other hand to carry out the decoration design according to the appearance of the century-old stone house.

Nowadays, the leisure restaurant "Heart in Stone Village", which retains the culture of fried tea, highlights the theme of "Journey to the West". The Niulanfang Bar, which was transformed from the cattle shed, has been open for business for nearly 2 months, which provides a good place for tourists to stay over night in the village. It has also turned the village into a new top Internet destination

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