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Cixi: Welcome to the ancient village

In the first three days of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the ancient village of Fangjiahetou, Longshan Town, Cixi City was full of tourists, with an average daily tourist volume of nearly 10,000. Wandering in the village, people can not only enjoy the quaint rural scenery, but also taste many special delicacies.

Fangjiahetou is the only historic and cultural ancient village in Cixi. Since 2012, the village has invested a total of more than 60 million yuan to carry out protective repairs and comprehensive environmental remediation of the ancient village, making it one of the province’s "top destinations in the Internet". "Every National Day holiday, I will bring my family to stay for a few days." Hangzhou tourist Mr. Chen said, Fangjiahetou in autumn has a special charm. "Under the ancient ginkgo tree whose leaves are turning yellow, it’s so nice to chat

with friends and family, and enjoy the beauty of the ancient village and feel the artistic conception of 'stealing a floating life for half a day'."

In addition to ginkgo trees, there are many ancient and famous trees in Fangjiahetou. Among them, two 500-year-old "Mandarin Duck and Camphor" nestled together, attracting many young couples.

Protecting the "green water and mountains" equals having "Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain". Relying on abundant natural resources and profound historical and cultural heritage, Fangjiahetou has accelerated the construction of beautiful villages, vigorously developed the tourism economy. And the villagers’ income has been rising. 

Developing tourism to boost rural revitalization, Fangjiahetou ushered in a new round of development opportunities. "Building a beautiful village requires not only outside beauty, but also inside beauty." Fang Jie, secretary of the village party branch, said that on the basis of building boutique homestays, Fangjia Hetou is making every effort to develop a civilized tourist village to guide honest business of farmhouses, B&B operators and improve their service quality; tourists are also encouraged to have civilized tour and implement “empty plate”initiative

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