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Cixi Issued a New Deal for Talents Recruitment

Preferential treatments such as up to 100-million-yuan subsidy, reward of talent apartment for major investment and brightness attraction projects, “no threshold” for young talents to settle down are provided to top talents (teams) who work or start up business in Cixi. At the opening ceremony of “Shanglin Summit” 2020 held on September 26th, Cixi issued a new deal for recruiting talents internationally, intending to make the Yangtze River Delta region a talent cluster.

According to the new deal, up to four “10 million yuan” will be given to talents (teams) selected for “Shanglin talents” program, including program grants of up to 10 million yuan, venture and innovation investment fund of up to 10 million yuan, subsidized loan of up to 10 million yuan and individual rewards of up to 10 million for company listing. “We are presented with a series of major historic opportunities brought by high-speed rail, Qianwan scheme and the integration of Yangtze River Delta. We are to develop a group of listed companies spearheaded by qualified personnel and businesses competent in a single field, as a way to inject new momentum into high-quality development”, said by head of Cixi party committee’s talent office.

Since the beginning of this year, Cixi has been working to speed up the promotion of talent leading strategy through building advantages in talent leadership, innovative environment and policy system. With over 240 thousand qualified personnel, Cixi topped the list of “100 Chinese counties and cities where the young enjoy their jobs”. The new deal indicates that Cixi is to enlarge and strengthen its talent bedrock. It will grant post-doctoral researchers up to 500 thousand yuan for their remaining at Cixi; it will also provide full-time fresh undergraduate, postgraduates and doctoral candidates with housing allowance respectively worth 10000, 3000 0and 50000 yuan.

Cixi optimized its policies and integrated innovation to solve businesses’ problems in talents recruitment and retainment as well as staff learning. Cixi is to strengthen human resource service industry, the new deal for talents suggests. It will distribute up to 1-million-yuan subsidy to businesses(units) with post-doctoral work stations (mobile stations). The city is to build a large platform for talent entrepreneurship and innovation, ensure housing supply and provide spouse settlement, position matching and other services. It is also to establish a hierarchical classification mechanism to arrange the enrollment of talents’ children through the cooperation of public school and private school as well as the support of policy and subsidy.

In recent years, Cixi has applied itself to become “a city of skilled talents”. The city has built a full-chained channel for skilled talents growth, which covers skill masters nurturing studio, public training base for characteristic training and highly-skilled personnel deeper cultivation. To recreate new advantages of “wisdom in Cixi”, the city is to press ahead with the construction of service complex for innovative industry and engineer collaborative innovation center. It will also reinforce recruiting highly talented professionals in short supply from the world, and grant them post allowance of up to 36 thousand yuan

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