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Diary Of Janet Huang 26th Sept. - 15th November


9月26日 星期一
September 26,Monday
Today’s blood test implied the recurrence of Leukemia. I needed to stay in the Hangzhou City Station hospital for bone piecing. I cried , and daddy was grived,too. Neither of us respected this result. I might face the dreadful chemotherapy treat again. Oh no, let me go back home,  let me go back to the school, please!

9月27日 星期二
September 27, Tuesday
Daddy didn't eat a sip for 4 meals because of my unlucky situation. I said to him in the noon,“You starve, I starve, you need to take care of me!”So I ate with him.

10月5日 星期三
October 5, Wednesday
Being treated for a week, it’s the last day of chemotherapy. Everyday, I threw up, stomachache, constipation, appetiteless, but I was accustomed. I needed to confront my sickness.

10月11日 星期二
October 11, Tuesday
Today I did the platelet transfusion since my platelet was as fewer as 4000 units. I was urgently advised to rest in the bed. My eyes are swollen, my body were full of itch hives, my forehead was “burt”by the fever. Well, docter considered it nomal and nurse gave me an anti-allergic injection. I had no choice but to face this frequently happed occasion.

10月12日 星期三
October 12, Wednesday
There were only 2000 units WBC (white blood cells) left in my body after the chemotherapy, and the HGB (hemoglobin) were not many either. I had a high fever of 40.2 D/C and my body was “burning”. I felt dizzy when I walked, I felt ouch of the throat and teeth, and I had a “bubble”swelled in my lip. I painfully nibbled some porridge hoping to increase my WBC at once.

10月23日 星期日
October 23, Sunday
12 days later, my temperature was back to nomal. Thank goodness! Each day, I couldn't eat because of the pain, I couldn’t sleep because of the fever, I keep loosing the weitght because of the blood test. Dadday took nice care of me day and night and had lost 5kgs already. Come on, let me recover soon, I needed to take nicer care of daddy in the future.

10月25日 星期二
October 25, Tuesday
My “neighbour” was a 16-year-old boy, today he did the bone piecing. He didn't cooprate at all with the swearing and the beating, thus he got criticism. Doctor let him to learn my ironness and braveness, so I encourage him to sing some songs when it’s ouchy. Then he understood it made things worse if he didn't fight the sickness with the doctor. He wiped tears and asked the doctor to do it softly. Later, doctor praized me.

10月26日 星期三
october 26, Wednesday
At 2pm, I got visitors from Compassion Union. They inspired me to be stronger, braver and happier. They recorded the dialogue between daddy and me in hope of gaining one more DONATION from all the warm-hearts in the society. I am veeeeeeeeeery appreciated!
10月27日 星期四
October 27, Thursday
I was too excited to sleep last night because I could leave hospital today. I packed everything early in the morning at 5am. It’s been 1 month and 2 days. I missed my little brother. I missed my mom and her yummy cuisines. Normallly I could stay at home for 2 whole weeks. I couldn't wait to finish the injection and went back home. But my daddy needed to pay first.

10月28日 星期五
October 28, Friday
My lovely little brother was sick and cough. Oh no! Daddy and Mummy took him to the Ninghai hospital, and I stayed at home alone. I expected the fast recovery of him, or I couldn't access him, in case of the infection. Little brother, little brother, please be healthy to sister’s embrace. We are too poor to go the hospital.

10月29日 星期六
October 29, Saturday
I would never expect to the visit of Mrs Wang (my homeroom teacher) and Mrs. Chen (Teacher of Grade 4). They even brought fruits for me. They encouraged me and talked with my parents. Mrs Wang’s hometown XianYang (in HuBei Province) was the same as my mom’s. Mrs. Chen was from Ninghai, but went to the university of HuBei. They belived in Jesus, jut like my mom, so they prayed for the god to save me.

10月30日 星期天
October 30, Sunday
My little brother suffered from the bronchial asthma. His throat was blocked by the phlegm, and he cried all the time. But he was as brave as me while doing the injection with no tears. Good boy!

10月31日 星期一
October 31, Monday
Here flew two pigeons from the beam to the corridor. One was still while the other flew fro and back to make the nest . The woman next door asked my mom to swept them away, but my mom rejected. She couldn't bear to break the worthwhile nest. So did I. We should protect every kind of life including birds.

11月1日 星期二
November 1, Tuesday
Daddy and mummy came home at 2pm. My little brother did the X-ray and the injection. Luckily, there was no infection in his lung. He just had bronchial inflammation. I ate lunch at Uncle’s. With his support, I washed hands and mouth both before and after meals to avoid any infection.

11月2日 星期三
November 2, Wednesday
We all went to Ninghai hospital today. Mom accompanied little borther with the infection while daddy accompanied me with the weekly dressing of PICC piping maintance. Besides, I did the regular blood check with the result of few WBC 2400 units. The HGB and platelet is increasing so I’d better wear daily mouth mask to avoid infection.

November 3
My cousin sister JunYan and her family visited me yesterday afternoon. We took some pictures. I made a cup of juice for each of them and they all praised my nice behavior. They considered me as a vivid healthy girl and encouraged me to be stronger and braver. I invited them for dinner and they promised to come again.

November 4
There was two more teachers came to visit me in the noon when my parents were in the hospital. They brought me not only the fruit but also several books. With so many concerned people, I believed my situation would be better and better.

November 5
Members in the Compassion Union did a Charity Bazzar for me in front of Ningbo JingGuang Department. I was dreaming to receive some DONATIONS as last year. Pleeeeeaaaaase save poor me! Many many many thaaaaaaaaaanks!

November 6
It’s been almost 10 days for my brother’s sickness. Doctor said it took 2 weeks at least. Since his forehead hair was cut off, I could see all the pinholes very clearly, but he didn't care and smiled with some drool. He was thin but active. I loved him so much.

November 7
My little brother was a premature infant, so he had a poor immunity. Without any milk, all my mom could do was to cook him some porridge. Luckily, a woman in our village brought several bags of nutrition rice flour. She showed great SYMPHATHY for my misfortune.

November 8
After last year’s Charity Bazzar, I received so many concerning words and helps, but this year, only a few. I was so worried as I needed to go back to the Hangzhou hospital again. I hoped there would be more people to help me ONE MORE TIME!

November 9
The day after tomorrow, I needed to go. Time flew fast! It would be so wonderful if time went more slowly. What a nice feeling to stay with the family!

November 10
Tomorrow, I must go. Mom packed something useful for me. She instructed me again and again and even did a contract.
Here said:
to follow daddy’s words,
to listen to doctor’s instructions,
to eat regardless of pain,
to drink,
to keep clean,
to save money and to leave hospital A.S.A.P.
To message mom everyday,
to write diaries to the Compassion Union Members if possible,
to be took good care of by daddy.
Mom was upset for she couldn't be with me. My 6-month little brother needed her more.
Mom, don't worry, I will be good, and better.

November 11
Daddy and I got up at 6am to leave for Hangzhou. I kissed little brother at his cheek for three times and said, “ little brother, little brother, please be good, and see you soon.” He smiled to me with the drool. We arrived at 11:40. I stay in the 21th bed. In the afternoon, the nurse changed my dressing, did the B ultrasonic, electronic cardiogram, and chest x-ray. We ate luch at 3pm. It was all my fault to let daddy suffer with me.

我昨天晚上做了一个梦,梦见自己又背着书包坐在宽敞明亮的教室里朗读课文,我们的王老师说:“我们班的活跃分子,可爱的百灵鸟又飞回来。”我一高兴梦醒了,我难过的哭了,我现在犹如一只笼中的小鸟,躺在病床上除了打针还 是打针,主要是3天,2天的抽血,每次化疗前的骨穿,腰穿,我必须痛苦的面对。我一共打了10次化疗,无箘仓里的大化疗。唉,也不知道什么时候我的病可以好!什么时候又可以和同学们一起读书,一起游戏。。。
November 12
I had a dream last night that I studied in the classroom again. Mrs. Wang greeted me back. She said I was the class activist, just like the gay lark. Without me, class life was lack of glee. I was too happy to continue the dream, then I cried. Wild awoken, I felt myself a sick lark in the cage, with passions but in vain. Regularly caught out to do all the theraphys. When could I fly back to the classmates, to study, to play, to do whatever I want?

November 13
My bed was next to the window, so when I was bored I could stand staring at the outside. I enjoyed the sunshine in the sunny days. I was told that it was very unconveniece to buy things around the old train station. One needed to walk a long time, at least 30-40 minutes for a round walk, thus I learned to take care of myself. Message is much cheaper than phoning, so I texted my mom everyday.

November 14,  in the ward
This morning was quite busy. First they took some blood from me. Then at 8 am they did another B ultrasonic upon my hungry stomach. Later at 9am when it was just time to do the bone piecing, I met 8 volunteers from Zhejiang University Medical College. They gave me 90,000RMB along with a few books. Because of this, doctor exceptionally agreed one volunteer to accompany me to the therapy room. Daddy and other volunteers waited outside with their best wishes. I was so moved. They all praised my good behavior for not crying for the painful therapy. What a warm society! With all kinds of supports and helps, I would be stronger and stronger. 
November 15
There was no television to watch. There was no teenager to play with. I felt super bored and expressed my feeling to daddy. To my surprise, a visiting uncle next my bed heard my talking and bought me a walkman to kill time. What a wonderful world full of true loves!

( remark from the editor: this diary is above as received from the charity organization in Chinese and English version. No editing was done from editors site.)


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