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Culture and Tourism Expo of Marine Silk Road held

The press conference for the 2020 Ningbo Culture and Tourism Expo of Marine Silk Road was held on September 22, presenting the latest preparation and the top ten features and strengths of the expo.

The expo will be held at Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center from September 25 to 27, in five exhibition halls with a total area of 30,000 square meters. With the six themes of “deep integration between culture and tourism”, “cultural exchange”, “cultural Ningbo construction”, “cooperation between culture and finance”, “culture in life” and “recovery of tourist consumption”, the expo will launch the “cloud exhibition hall” for the real-time display and will carry out the “evening exhibition for culture and tourism” for the first time.

This year’s culture and tourism expo boasts of many international elements with strong atmosphere. As the main guest country, Russia will exhibit the “works by Tolstoy & translation manuscripts by Cao Ying”, the Russian oil paintings, as well as Russian artists’ handmade

works, featured souvenirs and Russian nesting dolls.  Meanwhile, the Russian folk music performance, the meeting of literary works by Tolstoy, and the live streaming of the Winter Palace Art Museum will bring more Russian flavor to the speculators.  

The Tesla Museum will introduce the legendary experience of Tesla, a great scientist, in six sections, including “Tesla legends”, “Tesla documentary”, “magic Tesla Circle", “electric art show”, “Tesla Gun experience” and “Columbus Egg”, and bring a very cool interactive experience in the form of sound, light and electricity to the visitors.

The exhibition area of Sofia Chinese Cultural Center has organized more than 100 exhibits and more than 30 works of art from eight European countries. The exhibition area for Japanese life aesthetics will focus on the bronze flower and bird works of Japanese masters.

The integrated exhibition area for culture and tourism wil mainly display the major cultural and tourist projects and characteristic scenic areas of dozens of cities from the Yangtze River Delta area and even the whole country. The Shanghai exhibition booth will take the form of the city skyline to promote such popular scenic spots as the peak sightseeing hall of Shanghai and the Shanghai Porsche Experience Center.

There will also be some local elements. On display are such cultural and tourist complexes as the Fangte Oriental Heritage, the Dongqian Lake, and the Xuedou Mountain of Fenghua District, as well as such key tourist destinations as the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and the Moonlake Park, “the most beautiful coastline”, Xiangshan Movie and TV City, Siming Mountain, Qiantong Ancient Town and Cicheng Ancient Town

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