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3rd Ningbo Biennial Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibition to be held

The 3rd National (Ningbo) Biennial Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibition will be held inNingbothree years after the last session. From the afternoon of September 20 to the morning of 21, Ningbo Art Society organized the works reviewing for the exhibition at the Jiujiu Art Gallery of Ninghai County, inviting over 100 artists to discuss and share ideas for mutual improvement.

Six years ago, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Ningbo Art Gallery and Ningbo Art Society boldly innovated the mechanism to introduce the top experts and large-scale exhibitions in the field of comprehensive material painting from all over the country, and held the first and second National Biennial Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibitions in 2015 and 2017. In 2019, the 13th National Exhibition of Comprehensive Material Paintings was successfully held. After years of efforts,Ningbohas become an important venue for the country’s comprehensive material paintings. At the 12th national exhibition held in 2014, only two works from Ningbo were selected for the comprehensive material

painting exhibition, while at the 13th session held in 2019, 22 such paintings were selected in Ningbo. The painting “when Zhuangzi met Kafka” by Wei Huidong even won the silver medal of the China Fine Arts Award, making a breakthrough for Ningbo in the field. At present, a painting team with nearly a hundred artists of comprehensive material painting has taken shape inNingbo.

The works reviewing is a kind of routine work for the exhibition and will have a significant effect on the improvement of the quality of the artists’ works.

At the reviewing meeting, the artists showed their paintings, pictures of their works or even drafts, and presented their ideas and methods of creation and the materials they used for the paintings.

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