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Creativity Lights up Cultural Tourism Fair of Maritime Silk Road

Around the topic of “cradle of Maritime Silk Road”, Yingzhou District rolled out urban tourism, rural tourism, intangible cultural heritage tourism and other special routes, attracting more than 50000 visitors in three days, and making more than 600,000 yuan on-site sales. Yingzhou district won the Best Popularity Award at this fair.

 To create special route products representing Maritime Silk Road culture, such as offshore atmosphere, Buddhism, seafood, porcelain, tea and yacht, Ningbo deepened cultural and tourism integration and significantly improved the tourism theme of "smiling Ningbo, an ancient port for Maritime Silk Road" and market appeal of its related products.

 Cultural tourism exhibition and route promotion boosting the atmosphere of a strong district for trade, Ningbo style furniture, lacquerware and other unique Intangible cultural heritage and creative products attracting many tourists were seen in Zhenhai exhibition area. Ninghai exhibition area set up six plates, such as "Shi Li Hong Zhuang” (wedding custom), "Art Revitalizing Countryside" and "Hundred Counties and Thousand Bowls", integrating the clay gold color paint and Ninghai root carving into the scene interaction and cartoon experience. Xiangshan exhibition area brought excellent works of tourism commodity competition. Cultural and creative products such as "buckle rhyme" plate buckle, seafood bibimbap sauce, ancient French sea salt reflect the richness of fishing culture and the delicate design and production. Fenghua cultural and tourism integration pavilion is divided into Maitreya culture, the Republic of China Customs, intangible cultural heritage culture, food and accommodation and so on.

 Cultural and creative tourism routes such as Xiangshan Film a City, Banbianshan Tourist Holiday Resort, Shipu fishing port city integrated seafood, film and intangible cultural heritage experience, with ticket revenue of more than 100000 yuan, making Ningbo cultural and tourism products popular in the fair. Buddhist meditation and sprts in Xufuyan, Shanglianggang and other major scenic spots in Xikou have become popular with more than 600 sets of National Day special packages and tickets being sold in three days. In addition, various districts and counties (cities) also attracted people to Ningbo in autumn and winter through various forms of preferential promotion. Yinzhou launched 1.5 million yuan of special tourist coupons, including more than 1000 hotel room coupons, more than 8000 scenic spot tickets and 300 home hotel coupons being sold in seconds. Youngor Zoo and Yifan sailing club Dongqian Lake scenic spots have brought more than 40 special products with a discount of more than 1 million yuan.

 "The integration of culture and tourism has greatly improved tourism products and the popularity of city brands." The relevant principal of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism said that next the integration of the two major cultural IP, the departure port of the Silk Road and the only outlet at the south end of the Grand Canal will be deepened, so as to attract more people to "see the sea along the canal"

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