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Ningbo Export Commodities Global Online Exhibition held

The Ningbo Export Commodities Global Online Exhibition 2020 was officially launched at 4pm, April 28.

Currently, as the global business activities impacted by the epidemic, a lot of offline exhibitions and trade shows have been cancelled, and there is a greater risk of the breaking of the international supply chain. In order to better implement the national, provincial and municipal decisions for stabilizing the foreign trade and helping the foreign trade enterprises to go through the difficult period, Ningbo has actively encouraged the enterprise to explore the international market through the online platforms. With the preliminary preparation and the two testing online fairs, Ningbo has accumulated a lot of resources in “cloud docking”.  

Within only 20 days, the online exhibitions of Ningbo have developed to the version 3.0. At present, Ningbo is cooperating with the international station of, a well-known cross-border B2B platform. Upon inspection of 12,771 registered

enterprises, 480 participating enterprises have been selected for the six exhibition blocks for magnetic materials, instruments, auto parts, pneumatic components, and water purification respectively, to attend the Ningbo Export Commodities Global Online Exhibition 2020 from April 28 to 30.

According to Li Lei, General Manager of, the international station of the platform has developed the “SMART EXPO” clouding exhibition system for this exhibition. A interactive video chatting room has been included on the web page of each local exhibitor, and it is estimated that they will receive over 1.5 million visits.

Wu Dongjie, head of the Good Seller Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Market Union Group, was at the exhibition with a variety of mask samples in front of him. “Now we can not sell our products directly to our foreign customers, and this online exhibition offers us a new way of thinking. With such a platform, we can familiarize the foreign customers with our new products, and this serves as a milestone for the future development of the foreign trade. It’s just like the start of the web-cast in in 2016. We are learning a lot for the future online Canton Fairs”.

“We hope to solve the problems of online exhibitions to some extent by means of this innovative way. In future, we will give full play to all the resources and forces we have to provide services for the small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and stabilize the foreign trade development in our city, thus striving to achieve the annual goals of the export-oriented economy.” said an official from Ningbo Bureau of Commerce

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