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22 venues of Ningbo included in provincial list of historical and cultural towns, villages and streets

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Government issued the list of the 6th group of provincial historical and cultural towns, villages and streets. 22 candidate towns, villages and streets of Ningbo are included in the list, including 15 towns and villages like the Simen Town of Yuyao County and the Shiqifang Village of Zhenhai District, and six streets like the Park Road along the Drum Tower area of Haishu District. So far, there have been five towns, 32 villages and 12 streets in Ningbo that have been included in the provincial lists of historical and cultural towns, villages and streets.

The application and approval of the 22 venues in Ningbo this time are of great significance in the full exploration and protection of the historical and cultural resources, the improvement of the protection system of the resources, and the inheritance and spreading of the distinctive history and culture of Ningbo.

According to a personnel from Ningbo Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, in the following period, Ningbo will continue to implement the working policy of “protection, rescue, use and management”, and properly handle the relationship between historical and cultural heritage protection and economic and social development as well as the improvement of people’s living standard. The guidance for the protection, development and management of the historical and cultural towns, villages and streets will be further strengthened, to maintain the integrity, authenticity and continuity of the cultural heritages and to polish the city’s historical and cultural symbols

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