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Young agricultural entrepreneurs in Ningbo boost rural revitalization

Chen Zhong, a young agricultural entrepreneur, the creator of “Xie Da Ren”, has not stopped working during May Day holiday. He has tried Taobao livestreaming, Offline camping and short video launch…

“The patterns of consumption and selling goods have been changed. The consumer group has also been changed. After six to seven years’ effort, we have built a good platform traffic base and our online sales was around 20 million yuan in 2019.” The Chen family has been in the green crab business for 40 years for three generations. Finally, the young generation make“Xie Da Ren” out of Ninghai and roll out nationwide.

Thousands of young entrepreneurs in Ningbo have taken the plunge of rural innovation and entrepreneurship. They are well-educated and visionary. They know how to take advantage of the internet and marketing. They have become new types of professional farmers, the new emerging force of rural revitalization.

Behind those young agricultural entrepreneurs is “young entrepreneurship farm”, a young agricultural entrepreneurship brand. Since the end of 2016, Ningbo Communist Youth League, cooperated with Ningbo Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Science, has integrated all kinds of farming-related resources and provided young entrepreneurs with services including technology, policy, training and finance, supporting young agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship.

For the lack of resources and funding, the government provides preferential policies such as rent reductions, free apprenticeships for business start-ups, basic subsidies and interest reductions for small loans. For small scale, low risk tolerance and high cost of trial, the government introduces professional entrepreneurship management service company, using "hotel management + college incubation + project operation" operation and management mode. For the lack of experience, and shortcomings, the government invites senior agricultural experts and rural successful youth entrepreneurs as mentors.

“According to statistics, by the end of last year, 72 young entrepreneurship farms had been built in Ningbo, including 12 provincial-level model farms and 20 municipal-level model farms. They have attracted a total of 1,537 young people to return home and arrange 2,187 young people for agricultural employment.” The officer of Ningbo Communist Youth League said that these young agricultural entrepreneurs have boosted the development of the agricultural products market. Hu Jinjin, a college student from Cixi majoring in civil engineering, is a young agricultural entrepreneur and second-generation farmer. He said, “Agricultural products also need to adjust the structure, otherwise it is easy to encounter development bottlenecks. My father's generation grow vegetables by scale with low profits; I attract customers by quality, with customized services to increase the added value of agricultural products.”

Zhu Wenrong, a young agricultural entrepreneur in Xiangshan, used to study abroad in Japan. Based on the research of Enteromorpha, he plans to develop homestay accommodation and comprehensive project of rural tourism. It is expected that these projects will play a more and more important role in help other farmers become rich

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