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Transformation of digital economy accelerates in Jiangbei

Since the beginning of 2019, Jiangbei District has attracted the settlement of 14 software and information companies. According to the Software Transact Income System of Ningbo, there have been 58 registered related enterprises in the district, with the reported income of 920 million yuan, up by over 60% over the same period of last year. 
By taking advantage of the developing digital economy, the enterprises with new economic format have achieved rapid development, leading to the prosperity of digital economy in Jiangbei District. According to preliminary statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the added value of the core digital economic of the district reached 610 million yuan, with the growth rate of the software transact income of the district ranking among the top in the whole city. 
Despite the complex and changeable macro economic situation, digital economy has become a new highlight of the  district's economic development, as well as a new drive for the future high-quality development. 
Driven by digital economy, the key enterprises in such emerging fields as industrial internet of things, software and intelligent equipment have maintained a good development momentum. The Keli Launching Park, a featured industrial park for

the internet of things, has attracted 102 enterprises or projects, with a settlement rate of 85%. The Internet of Things Building, the 4th phase project of the park, is projected to be completed in June. The joint efforts of a large group of enterprises in the field of internet of things are polishing the brand of industrial internet of things of Jiangbei District. The Industrial Internet of Things Town of the district has been included in the third fostering list for featured towns this year. The concept of industrial software cluster, featuring "internet of things", has been inscribed into Ningbo's "246" development planning for major industries

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