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Yinzhou speeds up development of intelligent manufacturing

The Urban Industrial Park project at the Panhuo Street of Yinzhou District, with an area of 80 mu, has recently been launched, and it will become another "innovation factory" of Ningbo. The first four enterprises to settle down in the park are the leaders in their own fields with the key core technologies. The innovation team led by Wu Huiming, a first prize winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, will also settle down in the park. 
Since the beginning of this year, Yinzhou District has accelerated its development of intelligent manufacturing, and with the strengthened industrial basis, a number of economic indexes of the district have witnessed stable growth. In the first quarter, the district achieved a total GDP of 41.7 billion yuan, up by 8.3% over the same period of last year. Among others, the added value of the large-scale industries increased by 9.9%. 
By focusing on such new technologies or new industrial formats as digital economy, Yinzhou District has witnessed the constant increase of proportion of the strategic emerging industries against the large-scale industries, and the springing-up of new growth points. Despite the general industrial pressure of the auto industry, Ningbo Premium Auto Parts Co. Ltd. achieved a growth rate of 30% in its sales volume. In 2018, the company undertook over 100 new product projects, with

half of the clients optimistic about its digital factory. According to Zhu Hongguang, Chairman of the Board of the company, since 2014, the company has invested over 200 million yuan in the building of the digital factory. "An electricity meter has been installed in every piece of equipment at the factory, so it's quite easy to know the hourly cost of the operation. For example, if the die-casting machine could speed up by one second, it can save 3,450 yuan per month."
At the end of April, Shi Xueming, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a national expert for outstanding contributions, led his team to settle down in Yinzhou District on a full-time basis, and the Shi Xuemin Academy of Acupuncture and Moxibustion was established in the meanwhile. So far, Yinzhou District has attracted 378,000 people to its talent bank, including over 100 experts from various major talent plans. There have been 21 academician work stations in the district, making it ranking among the top in Ningbo in terms of number of academician work stations

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